A repeat offender who failed to comply with the Sex Offenders Act he had been under since 2013 has been sentenced to seven years and three months for acts committed a year later on a girl aged just three.

Holder of a criminal file containing 37 previous convictions, Raphaël Laflèche-Leblanc had benefited from a suspended sentence in 2013 following sexual contact with a child. Despite this accusation and an order for him to be registered as sex offenders for a period of 10 years, the man nevertheless reoffended the following year.

From February 2014, Laflèche-Leblanc had several sexual contacts with a girl around him who was three years old. On at least two occasions, the now 34-year-old put his cock in the child’s mouth.

On several occasions, until the child was five years old, the accused tried to carry out the same attack, but the little girl closed her mouth so that it would not happen. It was not until 2020 that the victim, then nine years old, decided to file a complaint, but her memories of the precise number of assaults she suffered were difficult to quantify several years after the fact.

Many repercussions

The victim had several emotional and psychological consequences following the attacks, in particular developing hypervigilance and the fear that her attacker would show up at her residence after she had denounced him. She also said that she tore up an old photo of the accused “with great satisfaction”.

Conversely, “the court knows little about the accused,” said Judge Bernard Lemieux. Raphaël Laflèche-Leblanc issued “late and dubious” regrets, said the judge.

Especially since it is a recidivism on his part and that he did not comply with the rules on the registration of sex offenders. Moreover, while his lawyer was asking for a six-year prison sentence, the accused instead felt that he deserved a sentence of two years less a day when he spoke before the judge.

Ultimately, the court ruled that the sex offender deserved a total sentence of seven years and three months in prison.

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