Senate legalizes work of minors in the field

The plenary session of the Senate approved reforms to the Federal Labor Law to legalize the employment of young people between 15 and 18 years of age in low-risk agricultural activities and include a new chapter on the labor rights of people with disabilities.

Unanimously, the senators added article 176, which establishes: “For the purposes of the work of minors, in addition to what is provided by the applicable laws, regulations and standards, those “that involve exposure to agricultural, forestry, sawing, forestry, hunting and fishing work,” which includes “the use of chemicals, handling of machinery, heavy vehicles, and those determined by the competent authority;”

From the rostrum, Senator Ricardo Monreal Ávila, president of the Political Coordination Board (JCP) of the upper house and coordinator of the parliamentary group of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) party, described the legal change as “greatly important” because It will benefit adolescents and will make it possible to address a series of social factors that affect the future of said social sector.

“A reform that, due to its consequences and effects, will allow them to distance themselves from the temptation to join illicit activities in which they are easily captured by criminal organizations and will allow them to join a decent work activity, with great family influence.” The decree was sent to the federal Executive for its eventual promulgation and validity.

The changes to article 132 of the aforementioned law to remove the barriers that prevent the labor participation of people with disabilities and include a new chapter on the matter, will still have to be reviewed by the deputies.

The minute sent to the Lower House establishes the obligation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare so that, in coordination with the labor authorities in the federal entities, develop programs aimed at promoting public policies, access to job vacancies and promoting the labor inclusion of people with disabilities.

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