Semar recognizes effects on tourism due to the arrival of sargassum

Cancun, QR. The Secretary of the Navy (Semar), Rafael Ojeda Durán, acknowledged that in 2022 the arrival of sargassum on the Quintana Roo coast is greater than in previous years and that the impact on some beaches is having an effect on tourist activity.

He reported that most of the 19,000 tons of algae reported in the current season has been collected along the coastline, which generates the greatest economic and tourist impact, but also the environmental impact on the state, while only a small percentage has been been able to capture on the high seas with the deployment of sargacera barges.

Despite this, he said that they are working hard to contain the algae with the support of the three levels of government.

He added that efforts are being made to install more containment barriers parallel to the coast, since the strategy is to prevent algae from being deposited on the beaches.

“We try to avoid that it does not arrive, but it is complicated by the swell, the bad weather and that we cannot intervene with the boats and it is risky to take them out. Today, 19,000 tons of sargassum is much more than in past years; has overtaken us. We are going to acquire more barriers”, she deepened.

The secretary added that the arrival of this algae influences the sea currents that hinder the operations of the operations corresponding to the Sargassum Attention Strategy, implemented by the three levels of government.

According to the Semar registry, so far there are seven municipalities in Quintana Roo that have presented accumulation on the beaches: Solidaridad with the largest volume, reporting 11,048.8 tons, plus another 1,552 accumulated in the last week.

It is followed by Benito Juárez (Cancún) with 3,219.68 tons so far in 2022 and 326.63 in the last week, Puerto Morelos with 1,918.5 tons and 96 in the last week, Tulum with 1,567.9 and 30.8, Cozumel with 640.1 and 86.18, Isla Mujeres with 166.47 and 25.54 and Othón P. Blanco with 61.06 and 7.7, respectively.


For yesterday, Wednesday, the daily report prepared by Semar indicates that the Mexican Caribbean presents an estimated amount of sargassum of 11,885 tons in the high seas, but due to the presence of high cloudiness prevailing during the last days, it is considered that this estimate it is unreliable.

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