After ensuring that the autonomous bodies are organs of control of the excesses of power, the president of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, called for the defense of democracy and institutions.

“Every day that defense is exercised, how? Not staying silent; alerting and denouncing intrusion attempts, violation of authority, disqualifications. If we remain silent, we will leave the terrain of public opinion only to the detractors of democracy and democratic institutions. There is no small trench. A tweet, a post on social networks, is also a way that as individuals we can defend our democracy and our democratic institutions. (…) Rights are not only conquered, democracy is not only conquered, but also has to be defended, ”he said.

During his virtual participation in the Democracy and Balance of Powers table as a Central Element of Economic Stability, during the XLIX national convention of the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives (IMEF), he reported that the National Electoral Institute (INE) and its members are subjects for three years of discursive and budgetary attacks, for which the defense of the autonomies is a collective responsibility, he assured.


Córdova pointed out that democracy is not only a form of government, but also depends on a good economy, internal governance and the rule of law.

“The stridency that we have seen in recent years is really disturbing. Throughout this year we have seen not only a disqualification from the political parties to the referee’s work, specifically from the INE. We have seen that this revulsion comes from either the government or the rulers.

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“Thus, the president of the ruling party (Morena) pointed out that the INE should be exterminated; a high-ranking businessman, the second richest in our country, whose ties to the government are widely documented (…) said that the INE should die. Or the President of the Republic himself, who has disqualified those of us who make up the electoral bodies: councilors and magistrates, pointing out that we are a risk and a danger to the democratic system.

“This type of disqualification is also part of the risks to the autonomy of the autonomous constitutional bodies,” he said.

He said that these attacks on democracy are not exclusive to Mexico, as they also occur in Bolivia, England or the United States or in Brazil, where President Jair Bolsonaro has reviled the Brazilian higher electoral court in the face of the presidential election.

“Our democracies today are at risk due to the lack of solutions to the great problems of our time, which are the primary source of discontent that is increasingly putting democratic institutions such as parties and parliaments in crisis, as well as the democracy itself.

“It is up to all of us to take charge that the construction of democracy is a collective construction, which is not due to a single man, to a single party, to a single ideology, but to millions of citizens who committed to the construction of democratic rules of access to power ”, he said.

Lorenzo Córdova argued that, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), the INE is the civil authority most trusted by citizens, with levels of between 60 and 61% of support.

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