Self-diagnose, self-medicate, wild times

The third antigen test was positive after two negatives in the previous 72 hours and the feeling that some virus had invaded him. The day before, he was due to receive the third dose (Moderna’s, the reinforcement), but it occurred to him that it would not be the most appropriate, considering that the effects of the syringe would be added to those of the bug. This is what he told the health care provider who was going to puncture him at the Fira vaccination center. If your wife has already tested positive and you are a direct contact, which you are, there is no doubt that after the negative antigens the positive will come. The delta variant is very contagious. We cancel the third dose and we will notify you. The next day, with the pink lines in the C and the T of the test (positive signs) in the neighborhood CAP, they confirmed it in a matter of seconds. He was infected, he had to lock himself at home for 10 days. We will not be able to supervise you, we are collapsed, if you notice a worsening, call us. Paracetamol every six eight hours and patience.

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