Sedatu published the first NOM in its history: it seeks to standardize criteria for public spaces

The Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu) published its first technical NOM since its creation, which dates back to 2013, and which is focused on developing Public spaces adhering to the criteria of territorial planning.

Last February 22 at the Official Journal of the Federationthe dependency in charge of Román Meyer Falcón published the NOM-SEDATU-001-2021, where the bases of a territorial planning so that the population has access to Public spaces worthy.

“This NOM must be observed by the three levels of government. It will facilitate the standardization of processes for the urban Developmentthe good use of resources and the creation of indicators that allow evaluating the use, care and promotion of Public spaces“Meyer Falcón highlighted on his Twitter account.

Sedatu explained that the purpose of this NOM is to establish four principles:

  • Homologize the terminology related to Public spaces.
  • Establish contents and methodologies for plans or programs of urban Development.
  • Point out evaluation elements that work as a starting point to generate reliable indicators.
  • Provide self-assessment tools so that the authorities formulate specific actions for the promotion and protection of their Public spaces.

“The goal is that the urban Development in the country, whether at the federal, state or municipal level, put at the center the objective of building safe, sustainable and healthy cities, which improve the individual and collective well-being of all people”, added Meyer Falcón.

According to the official, this NOM helps Mexico to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals, with the New Urban Agenda of the United Nations Organization, as well as the country’s commitments to achieve a sustainable development.

“The correct use of this NOM guarantees greater access to basic services, less environmental impact, encourages the local economy, civic culture and security in cities,” the official stressed.

Sedatu delimited that this tool of urban planning It will be available to the three levels of government in order to improve the welfare conditions of the populations and their right to use and enjoy quality public spaces. “It will enter into force 60 calendar days after its publication date.”

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