Security, reality has other data

The head of Security and Citizen Protection Rosa Icela Rodríguez presents data that assures that the strategy of the Government of the Republic has begun to affect crime rates and statistics of criminal violence.

In real Mexico there are other data, already mentioned in this space, the criminal influence in productive sectors, its incidence in local elections and that in more regions than desirable its extortions are in practice a parallel government.

Data that the official and all the federal instances, even the political instances, try to ignore, knowing that ignoring them could be a poisoned legacy for the next government.

Are there any communists like Don Arnoldo?

From my conservatism, one cannot be further from the Marxism of Arnoldo Martínez Verdugo, whose ashes were deposited today in the Rotunda of Illustrious Persons of the Dolores Pantheon.

In the tribute, surely, there were some veterans of the left who fought Martínez Verdugo for rejecting the violent path to power, when the fashion was the guerrilla path proposed by Castroism.

Many of the Government of the Republic, with clear authoritarian impulses, must see a communist who rejected violence to come to power as paradoxical and incomprehensible. And they will say to themselves: “myself, at least he is no longer with us”.

Don Adolfo Ruiz Cortines and Flores Muñoz

In November 1957, in the effervescence of the succession of President Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, the President made a recommendation to his Secretary of Agriculture, Gilberto Flores Muñoz.

“He told me” – Don Gilberto recalled – “soon the Party will choose a candidate. From now on start ordering the affairs of the Secretariat. I heard what I wanted to hear and I assumed I was ahead of the notice of my presidential candidacy.

And he concluded: “I forgot that nobody asked the Candidate for accounts in order.” The “they beat us” Ruiz Cortines said to a good friend who asked him for help to be a deputy and did not want to say no. Good historical accuracy for new generations.

Swirling Notes

It is possible that until after the Summit of the Americas they will decide in the White House if the FAA comes to review Mexico’s airport security and its certification… Tourism Minister Miguel Torruco said that Mexico is in the first places among tourism destinations abroad, better, he said, than traditional European destinations. Is it because in the midst of a pandemic, Mexico was the only country that did not set sanitary requirements and was open 27/7?… Marcelo Ebrard’s foreign ministry should be cautious. The Iraqi arrested for plotting to assassinate former US President George W. Bush says the FBI is investigating whether he entered the United States illegally… At some point, not too far away, the UNAM community will have to organize to defend autonomy. At the same time… In times of vanity and vanity, the phrase of José Ingenieros is valid: “the ambitious wants to ascend as far as his wings can lift him; The vain man believes he is already at the highest peaks that everyone covets”…

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