‘Secret Story’: Cynthia expelled, two repeats and three new nominees

  • The model leaves the house of secrets after starring in a very even vote against Sandra Pica in the Telecinco reality show.

Cynthia puts an end to her participation in the first edition of ‘Secret Story’. The model became the new expelled from ‘The house of secrets’ after starring in a very even televote against Sandra Pica, finally opting in favor of the former participant of ‘The island of temptations’ during this tenth gala.

On the other hand, the program also resolved the repechage process that began last week. Finally, after reaching one million votes, Adara and Miguel Frigenti were once again full-fledged contestants, leaving a Lucia Pariente very excited with the desire to return to the house of secrets: “I want to stay. For me it is my experience.”

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After Julen got immunity, the contestants of ‘Secret Story’ faced a new round of nominations in The Cube ‘with Adara in charge of keeping the accounts. Finally, the list of nominees was made up Cristina Porta and Isabel Rábago, the most voted by the house, and by Luca, the person who nominated the former participant of ‘MYHYV’ after using the power of the exchange and saving Sandra Pica.

This has been the minute-by-minute broadcast of the tenth gala of ‘Secret Story’ on Telecinco.


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