Second Interuniversity Investment Competition BMV – Peeptrade is enlisted

Financial education is a key tool for the development of the Stock Market in Mexico, in such a way that the Mexican stock exchange (BMV) y Peeptrade They launch the second Interuniversity Investment Contest, which will take place from November 1 to 26, 2021.

More than 100 of the best universities in the world and leading companies in the financial sector have already participated in this program where, in addition to delivering rewards, you will learn to invest through a portfolio manager.

It should be noted that all competitors by subscribing will have access to daily educational webinars so that they obtain the necessary tools during the development of the contest, among which are three tutorials of Investment Ideas and context analysis with the terminal BloombergThey will learn about technical analysis with Bloomberg as well as portfolio construction and analysis.

They will also learn how to find a new investment idea in Toggle, seven things you can do with Toggle, fundamental and technical analysis using artificial intelligence, as well as three tutorials by Giuseppe Sette. In addition to educational tutorials.

And as a bonus, they will have two months of access to Peeptrade Premium, two months of access to El Economista and two months of access to the more sophisticated version of Toggle AI.

“Manage real money in real competitive conditions. The pressure gave the students a much more realistic perspective, a more fun experience than any classroom exercise could have given them, ”said James Angel, a professor at Georgetown University.


More than 210,000 pesos will be awarded in prizes to the winners, which will be divided into three categories: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Open. 70,000 pesos per category (40,000 to first place; 20,000 to second place and 10,000 to third place).

The finalists are selected by Sharpe Ratio (Return Adjusted to Risk) and will have to present either virtually or in person before a panel of expert judges and defend their strategy.

The grand finale will be held on the auction floor of the Mexican Stock Exchange, in addition to the three winning teams will have the recognition of The Economist.

The price to the general public per team is 1,699 pesos and for Peeptrade Premium subscribers the cost of 799 pesos.

The main objective of the contest, in addition to promoting financial education, is to contribute to improving investment practices, inviting young people to use digital tools to verify that investing in the Stock Market is accessible, having good advice and clear strategies.

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