Season 4 of ‘Mothers’: new stories of young people through their experiences as MIR

The Serie ‘Mothers. Love and life‘ come back with a fourth season —that premieres Amazon Prime Video this Friday, 8, and later it will broadcast some Mediaset channel–, which takes a turn of the rudder. This change of course will come from the hand of Olivia (Aida Folch), the doctor leaving the specialty of pediatrics that had given him so many joys and disappointments to start with a surgical MIR. And there you will discover another world and a group of young peers that will make you recover your desire to have fun and that will star in plots that can catch the young audience.

Fleeing from mothers (but not from children), the main obstacle that the pediatrician had to overcome daily, she undertakes a new specialty, an objective that will not make it easy for her Whitea very tough and kind assistant from a distance, who she plays Nuria Roca: “You have to be very forceful to guide residents and teach them the way to be surgeons & rdquor ;, explains the actress. “But, yes, I am heavy handed with them and a tad border & rdquor ;, she admits.

Embarking on new studies as a single mother makes it even more difficult for Olivia to broach the issue of reconciliation. “Also, in this season she returns Simon (Alain Hernandez), the father of the girl, for joint custody & rdquor ;, he says, which will complicate everything even more. On the other hand, he meets younger companions, Almu (Belén Écija), Mikel (Eric Macip), Sandra (Júlia Molins) and Gabriel (Álvaro Rico), which will make you rethink your life. She “she will serve as a mirror for her and she will realize that she wants to experience a lot of things that she has missed due to the responsibility that she entails being a mother and a pediatrician, and she will try to be more flexible. Being a freer Olivia, who seeks to empower herself, have fun living & mldr; & rdquor ;, she details. the seducer Luigi (Jordi Coll) will help you take the plunge.

behind the appearance of women ambitious, successful and to have everything under control that Blanca projects, the assistant, they hide your weak points. “One makes Olivia see it, that it is the problem of her son, who will want to hide. Like a personal health problem & rdquor ;, says Roca. But in the course of the series she will discover some more. “She realizes that throughout her life she has dedicated herself solely and exclusively to her work, ceasing to cultivate other types of plots. Her shortcomings begin to surface. That’s where the most human part of the character appears & rdquor ;, says the actress and presenter of ‘La Roca’.´

Nuria Herrero is Berta, an auxiliary nursing technician who performs her job to perfection “acts as a transmitter, is in charge of reassuring the sick, feeding them… From the most personal part & rdquor ;, she explains. “She is a very forward girl, she wants everyone to be happy, but she forgets about her feelings & rdquor;. And of these shortcomings she will try to take advantage of the brother of her partner Gabriel (Rico). “Since he doesn’t pay attention to him… & rdquor ;, she justifies. But she does not know that it is not a highly recommended company.

The new generations

Among the MIR stands out Almu (Ecija), a very sexy girl who has a millionaire boyfriend. “It’s not dick, it’s dick. Because she has been a waitress and denies a bit of her past. Although she will be placing herself in a humbler point & rdquor ;, she points out the daughter of Belen Rueda. His mother intervened in the first three seasons of the series and only coincided with the girl in the last chapter of the third, when they starred in a funny wink: their characters coincided in the hospital and someone mistook them for mother and daughter because of how much they looked alike. But that’s where it ended. “It was nice and weird. Because it’s someone you know very well. And it’s good that it wasn’t more, because, despite the age difference, comparison is unavoidable. Better that we meet later & rdquor ;, he assures. When she has more tables and comparisons are not hateful for her.

Another one that bursts like a hurricane is Mikel (Macip), a gay uninhibited and crazybut with a great class consciousness: “It’s cool because there’s like a contrast with the work he does and how crazy he is. The two things complement each other. Because he is also a great defender of the rights, not only of doctors, but of the disadvantaged. He gives a voice to those who don’t have one & rdquor ;, says the actor, who will double with the series ‘Alba’, on Antena 3, where he plays the girl’s boyfriend.

Macip says that ‘Mothers. Love and life’ also serves to know the precariousness with which doctors work and how abused they are. “Health is bad, and if it’s not worse, it’s because of the doctors & rdquor ;, she says, while appreciating that the series can lead to reflection. “As crazy and light-hearted as it is, it’s a hilarious thing for an actor to explore & rdquor ;, she confesses. And it’s not for less: sometimes he stars in upbeat scenes, very similar to those of Manu Ríos in ‘Elite’, with the shower as the setting. With this it is all said.

All types

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As to whether doctors can be upset by the image of party people that occurs in the series, the Catalan actor recalls that the desire to party is among young people of all professions. And besides, not everyone is like that. Sandra (Molins) is the opposite. ”She is a girl who has not lived what a 20-year-old person” explains the Catalan actress, because she belongs to a complicated family, with a mother who is not mentally well, whom she has had to take care of. “She arrives in Madrid with many fears & rdquor ;, she continues. “She’s very studious, very determined, but she has to come out of her shell, blossom. And she is going to see how she gains strength & rdquor ;, she anticipates.

Why do you like them so much? series of hospitals and doctors It can be due to several causes, according to the actresses. “We all know hospitals and suddenly you see that there is a whole world behind it that you want to know,” says Hierro. “In addition, all the difficulties that we encounter on a day-to-day basis, and the joys, are reflected there”, Roca points out. “In a hospital there is more life than anywhere else, because you are fighting against death, and all emotions are on the surface & rdquor ;, concludes Folch.

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