Scouting in the Puebla club, the key to constant results

The scouting job gave the club Puebla the winning formula. When recruiting the technical director Nicholas Larcamon, the team was strengthened in collective work, was able to balance the constant casualties and get the maximum benefit from the investment in signings. This has resulted in the team accumulating three seasons at the top, reaching the semifinals of Clausura 2021, fourth in the opening 2021 and this season adds four weeks as leader of the tournament, without defeats.

In long tournaments, Zacatepec has the streak of most games without losing, in the 1957-58 season they managed to string 17 games without losing. In short tournaments, Chivas in the summer of 1997, did not lose in 16 games in a row, although their only loss was on day one, according to data from ESPN.

Among the factors that have given the club continuity is its exceptional scouting work, not only to acquire players, but also to recruit a technical director whose characteristics have worked ideally for the franchise, according to Luis Fernández, Head of DataScouting in UnderData.

“Larcamón is someone who has been forging his career from the most modest soccer, he comes from good seasons in Venezuela and then he was in Chile, not with big teams. Also, with a very tight budget, it is clear to me that in Puebla they work on scouting with access to the information and platforms they have (without such sophisticated tools), they bring their players and now the coach,” said the specialist. As a way to unify its clubs, the MX League It has provided them with statistical analysis tools such as the Technological Innovation Center (Citec).

The Puebla team has lost key players such as Santiago Ormeño, Salvador Reyes, Christian Tabó and Omar Fernández, who have left after accepting attractive offers from teams such as León, América and Cruz Azul; In Clausura 2022, only five of the starters from Larcamón’s first line-up remain. Those who have worked closely with the Argentine coach point out that he prioritizes collective performance over individual performance, so the loss of role models or the lack of great figures allow him to maintain constant performance.

In addition, Fernández explained that the scouting area has efficiently met the needs of the technician; if the coach asks for a certain type of player, that is what they recruit, instead of taking footballers “with a good poster or who sell at a good price”, in this way they have signed players like Antony Silva, Federico Mancuello or Maxi Araujo.

The Guatemalan Elijah Enoch Vasquezwho played for Larcamón at Deportivo Anzoátegui in Venezuela, assured that the coach never stops updating himself, he wants practices to be intense and that his youth (37 years old) makes the locker room pleasant.

“The proper functioning of the team not only involves injecting encouragement, (…) but also knows tactically what he plays. It seems incredible but it is very difficult to see a team that responds tactically in Mexican soccer, that the player knows what to do at all times and that is achieved with work, “said Fernández.

with Puebla Nicholas Larcamon He has a contract until December 2022. The franchise decided to renew his contract in May 2021 for a period of 18 months and established an exit clause to terminate the relationship before the documented date.

According to the specialist, Puebla is the team that has the most revenue for each peso invested. His squad is the least valuable this season, this figure is 23.4 million dollars according to Transfermarkt. In the last year, it registered 15 players, the portal only registers one million dollars for the purchase of Kevin Ramírez and 460,000 dollars for Pablo Parra, while the transfer cost of Fernando Aristeguieta, Lucas Maia, Israel is unknown. Reyes, Jhory Celaya and Raul Castillo. Jordi Cortizo, Ramón Juárez and Sebastián Medellín arrived on loan and Federico Mancuello and Martín Barragán were free hires.

On the other hand, Fernández adds that once the sweet potato group has a more professional and corporate structure, as well as its separation from political interest, it has allowed it to maintain consistency in its results.

“The club stopped being a political booty. For many years the governors were involved, it was always a political issue and there were tycoons, like in Europe, who bought a team as their toy. Here they have left that time behind that only brought them relegation, times of empty stadiums, of qualifications for sporadic leagues. Now there is consistency, with the least valuable squad in all of Mexican soccer,” Fernández added.

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