Scott Gillingham resigns from EPC, signaling potential mayoral run

It appears a key member of Mayor Brian Bowman’s inner-circle may be setting himself up for a mayoral run this fall.

St. James-Brooklands-Weston City Councilor Scott Gillingham has resigned as the city’s finance chair and therefore, his spot on Mayor Brian Bowman’s executive policy committee.

Gillingham said leaving the post gives him the time and freedom to participate in the debate about the city’s future over the coming months.

“I don’t want anyone to get confused that I’m speaking on behalf of colleagues on EPC or on behalf of the mayor,” Gillingham said.

Gillingham is not officially declaring a run for mayor yet, as registrations don’t open until May 1. However, he has made no secret of what might come.

“I think as early as February when asked the question, I did indicate voters could expect to see me on the mayoral ballot,” he said

With Bowman not running again and the potential for some well-known names to enter the race, University of Winnipeg Political Professor Aaron Moore said it’s too soon to say whether or not Gillingham would be a favourite, should he run.

“I think it’s hard to pick a front-runner without knowing all the candidates,” Moore told CTV News Winnipeg.

He said Gillingham does have a profile because of his role as finance chair, fronting city budgets since 2016.

“He’s been a lot more visible than other potential candidates have been over the last few years,” Moore said.

Gillingham’s resignation leaves a vacancy for Bowman. The mayor’s office said the position will be filled in the coming days.

River Heights City Councilor Jon Orlikow has already declared his intention to run for mayor, as has social enterprise developer Shaun Loney.

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