Score a Great Deal on a Vehicle: Tips for Finding the Best Public Car Auctions

Shopping for a car at auction is becoming an increasingly popular way to acquire a vehicle. Auction cars generally come with a lower price tag than buying directly from a dealership and still give buyers access to the same high-quality vehicles. 

That’s because auctions have access to cheap damaged but repairable cars, insurance cars whose premiums are paid off, and used company cars that are being disposed of for new ones. 

Shopping around at various auctions can also be rewarding and exciting. You never know what type of cars will be available and might even land yourself a great deal. 

The challenge most people face is finding a good auction in an increasingly crowded auction car market. You don’t have to worry, though. Here are tips for finding the best public car auctions today. 

Check Out Online Reviews

Public car auctions like A Better Bid LLC have been around for a while. As such, they have accumulated many reviews from their clients. Make use of these reviews to determine whether the auction is good or not.

The idea is to give you an idea of whether the auction you choose will give you a good experience or not. Things like customer service to expect and the quality of cars they stock. 

As a rule, go for an auction whose positive reviews outweigh the bad ones. This is usually an indicator that their customer service and overall performance are above par. If you make good use of reviews, the odds are that you will land a good auction and find your dream car. 

Talk to Friends Who Have Bought from Auctions Before

While it may be your first time buying a car from a public auction, the odds are that someone in your circle of friends and family has bought from an auction before. So, you can talk to them about their past experience and ask for any advice that they may have. 

Check if Their Customer Support Is Responsive

Before you engage in a public car auction, check out how responsive they are to their customers. The best auctions have a live chat and other customer service methods that you can use to contact them about anything that you need to know.

They should also have an agent on the ground that you can interact with if you choose the visit the auction physically. The idea is to help you have the much information as possible before you buy the car.  

For instance, they will not hesitate to answer all your questions, especially those touching on the various terminologies used in an auction and how they can impact your success in the bidding process. 

Look for Car Variety

Car auctions are great places to find the car of your dreams. The best car auctions have an expansive selection of vehicles from all styles, makes, and models—you never know what you might find. From classic cars to luxury sports cars and everything in between, there’s a car for everyone at these auctions. 

The good thing about auctions with a lot of different types of cars is that they provide much more choices in your price range. Besides, when a car auction has car variety, you can find a good car even when your budget may not allow you to go with the one you originally wanted. 

Make Sure They Give Detailed Car Information

Before you choose a car auction, check out the kind of information they give out about their car selections. The best car auctions give as much information as possible about the cars they sell.

For instance, they tell whether the car has any damage and the extent of the damage. They also give you a history of the car, including its history of ownership.  

Additionally, you can ask them about the technical aspects of the car. They should know its technical specifications, such as engine and gearbox type. You also need to know other relevant information, such as the type of repairs the car needs. 


While there are lots of car auctions out there, not all of them are the best choice. For best results, go for a car auction that has positive online reviews, strong customer service, and transparent information. Also, if possible, seek help from a friend who has used a car auction. 

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