SCJN: no one will return to the barracks

A wide sector of academia, informed opinion and published opinion believe the role assigned by this regime to the military in public security tasks is unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court will probably endorse that role.

This government, despite its campaign narrative, understood the urgency of giving legal and constitutional support to the role of the Army in the tasks of guaranteeing public safety, given the weakness of local and state policies.

“They have handed over infinite tasks and responsibilities of the civil authority to the military, we militarize ourselves,” they say, but at the same time, for ideological and political reasons, they restructure Sedena and dangerously weaken the authority of commanders and officers.

Official: presidential Adán Augusto López

A “spontaneous” question, if the head of the Interior Adán Augusto López could be included in the list of candidates for the presidential candidacy of Morena, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador did not say yes or no.

But he assured that “everyone has the right to aspire to enlist,” with which he officially pointed to his old friend, along with Claudia Sheinbaum and Marcelo Ebrard, the officers and the unofficial Ricardo Monreal.

That, however, does not guarantee anything to any of the four, because, even if he keeps a man in pectore, he knows very well that when the name of the winner of the tombola of 24 is made public, it will be an odyssey to control the Morenista tribes.

Zacatecas: only group confrontation?

The Government of the Republic went to Zacatecas to support the Morenoist Governor David Monreal, who, with the acts of criminal violence, sure feels like the one who just bought a circus, the dwarfs grew up.

The violence is not new, true, but the savagery of the recent bloody events has scared Zacatecan society, which is not clear about how the federal government will be able to pacify Zacatecas.

They are not without reason for their skepticism. First, because they know about the “let go and let go” policy in terms of security. Second, they are uneasy that violence is explained to them only as a confrontation between groups.

Swirling notes

Malquerientes spread the version of the eventual resignation of Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard in the spring of 2022, to tour the Republic. It would be wrong, because his figure is known, but, above all, because leaving the cabinet is, as the Bible says, going where there is crying and gnashing of teeth … INSABI calls for a tender for medicines and medical supplies to 2022 … Those who say that taking shelter is to sabotage government works are rejecting the rule of law … In Washington they affirm that the “wait in Mexico” program for asylum seekers is already underway. Ah, but they will come vaccinated … In Morena they separate the chaff from the wheat; They have already reduced the number of candidates for governor’s candidacies from 153 to 24. Now the two that the Elections Commission will add in each entity are missing … The video of a 6-year-old boy who, limping, cries out “nobody ama ”, hours before he died of a concussion, mistreated by his father and stepmother, tried in England …

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