SCJN: Go for them! Palace signal

The transitory of the Zaldívar Law was the first attempt to ensure control of the Supreme Court of Justice, but the project thundered, so they look for a back door that allows them to reach the objective.

We believed that they only wanted to block constitutional controversies or claims of unconstitutionality, but they want more, that is why the coordinator of the Morenoist senators Ricardo Monreal proposes Reform of the SCJN.

The Government is betting on forgetfulness with the fallacy that in 1994 President Zedillo agreed to give the PGR to the PAN and hand over the Judiciary to “the conservatives.” Another clever and wicked historical distortion.

Without political dialogue, the radicals win

Never clearer is the warning that, without political dialogue in democracies, discourse is radicalized and the moderation of the center is diluted, be it the center-left or the center-right for the benefit of the radicals.

The intentional discredit of the moderates forces the Chilean people to choose in the second round of their presidential election on December 18 between José Antonio Kast of the far right and Gabriel Boric Font, of the far left.

It is worth noting what happens in Chile, because nothing guarantees that the handling of political affairs in Mexico does not produce similar polarization. Dangerous to give the peoples to choose between the frying pan and the fire.

SSA: catastrophic diagnoses, again

The head of Health, Dr. Jorge Alcocer, repeated at the National Cancer Institute he repeated what was part of the diagnosis that they gave to the President before governing: “we must quintuple the number of oncologists.”

It is the mantra of the six-year discourse that “there are no specialists, because they did not open spaces in public universities, under the pretext of admission exams”, but they did not give the recipe to solve the problem.

Those who believe that it will be resolved in a government that, hostage to its words, makes a cult of budget austerity dream. Like the medieval character: chambones, they gave the remedy, but they did not know where the cloth is.


Thousands of women marched, some activists, others outraged, but all demanding the treat they receive. If we say out with masks! We should be ashamed of what we have done to women and what we do to women … No one in the Government wonders if elephant rheumatism is caused by the dose of 90 percent loyalty and 10 percent capacity? … Dante Delgado will stay in front of the Citizen Movement and Clemente Castañeda will focus on the Senate, the Veracruz native knows that the next 3 years will require 24/7 work… Conacyt and Palacio believe that if they ignore the CIDE students, the movement will fade. I think many have already forgotten what these movements are … Opposition legislators complained to the Ministry of Communication that they have no plan to reactivate the economy. One question: don’t you see that what you don’t have is a budget, because today you have less than 30 percent of what was assigned two years ago? … For those who simulate, George Orwell reminds them: “power is not a means, but an end in itself “…

Jose Fonseca

Political Journalist

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