“Vladimir Putin has spent the last decade interfering and destabilizing the world order,” Schumer said in the Senate on Tuesday.

POLITICS. The Democratic senator spoke about the relationship with Russia

Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, saying he expected Joe Biden to be tougher on the Russian leader than President Donald Trump in his dealings. Biden will meet Putin on Wednesday for the first time since he arrived at the White House.

“From the occupation in Crimea to the violation of human and political rights within its own borders, the interference in Democratic elections throughout the Western world and the imprisonment of those who expose his brutal undemocratic regime, Vladimir Putin has spent the last decade interfering and destabilizing the world order, ”said Schumer in the Senate.

Schumer, a frequent critic of Trump, holds him partly responsible for Putin’s unbridled behavior, including the damaging impact it has had on neighboring countries. Schumer criticized Trump for suggesting that the United States established a joint cybersecurity unit with Russia even though the country has a reputation as a haven for cybercriminals.

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Free pass to Putin

“For four years Donald Trump turned a blind eye and gave Putin a free pass,” Schumer said. “We all remember President Trump standing next to Vladimir Putin and taking the word of a Russian intelligence officer on US intelligence agencies.” The latter is a reference to their meeting in Helsinki in 2019.

Schumer urged Biden to hold the Russian leader accountable for his behavior. And the veteran lawmaker expressed confidence in the president’s ability to do so.

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“The United States must approach Vladimir Putin with a firm hand and demand accountability in a way that President Trump never did,” he said. “And I hope President Biden does exactly that.”

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