“Schizophrenia in total remission”: the report that allowed Noelia de Mingo to stab again

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“Paranoid schizophrenia. First episode currently in total remission”. It was on January 19, 2017 when the Ministry of the Interior sent to the Alicante Penitentiary Surveillance Court the biannual report of the Alicante Psychiatric Hospital on Noelia de Mingo, the doctor who killed three people by stabbing them to death in the Jiménez Díaz Foundation in 2003. That document, and a later one in the same favorable sense, served so that, in October of that year, the doctor could return home and be released.

The sentences and assessments about that woman from within the Penitentiary Institutions, that is, from the Ministry of the Interior, are recalled by the victims of those events when de Mingo is arrested again for the same reasons. It happened this Monday in the Madrid town of El Molar.

There, around twelve in the morning, the Civil Guard received a call that there was a very upset woman inside a supermarket located on Avenida de España. It was Noelia de Mingo.

The first investigations indicate that he had attacked the shop assistant with a knife. Then he left the business and walked out to a nearby pharmacy. There he wounded another woman who was at the doors of the establishment. Several agents approached the scene to reduce her.

In that report, which EL ESPAÑOL has been able to access, however, there was talk of a person who no longer constituted a danger to anyone. From the Interior and from Penitentiary Institutions, through the Board of Treatment of the prison, the substitution of the internment measure for outpatient treatment was requested. “He is fully aware of the illness he has and the importance of continuing treatment to avoid relapse. The pharmacological treatment is experienced by the patient as it does not cause side effects and that she is feeling very well. “

One of the reports favorable to the departure of Noelia de Mingo in 2017.

One of the reports favorable to the departure of Noelia de Mingo in 2017.


The analyzes determined that Noelia de Mingo was “psychopathologically stable for years, with improved communication and affective resonance (…)”. Finding compensated all the time what happened in this mental hospital, her ability to maintain a good relationship with her own colleagues and caregivers is more than acceptable. Quiet, adapted to the module, good behavior. Good interpersonal relationships in general

“No negative symptoms have appeared”

“No negative symptoms have appeared. This is a very important factor, since it is in the first 5-10 years of the disease that relapses and manifestations of defect can occur the most,” continued the texts provided to the prison surveillance judges that They then allowed Noelia de Mingo to end her confinement in the psychiatric hospital.

In October 2017, the Audience Provincial of Madrid decided to leave it in petition released by the Alicante Penitentiary Surveillance Court. From there it was requested that her freedom when verifying that all the reports coincided in a supposed improvement after ten years locked up. “She is not a danger to others or to herself,” said the audience.

The experts who analyzed her also highlighted the “total self-government in the care of her person, her property and the medication. The long permits have shown that she continues the treatment.”

If he had not followed that treatment, he continued one line, “he would have been unbalanced.” During all those years, in living with other patients “there have been no disruptive behaviors or discussions.”

The final conclusions spoke of a patient with “stabilized” paranoid schizophrenia and in “total remission”. “The criminal acts occurred at the beginning of the disease and without the treatment being instituted, despite taking place in a hospital context where the alterations had been detected.”

In the care of his mother

The victims, defended by the lawyer Carlos Sardinero, criticized at that time that, upon his release from prison, he was under the guardianship of his mother, a woman of almost 80 years of age. Only she could care for and control her. And those affected doubted that under those circumstances they could adequately monitor her.

De Mingo was admitted to the Fontcalent Psychiatric Hospital on August 7, 2006, two months and two days after the trial ended for the three murders he committed and the 6 people he left wounded, some of them for life. In the first years she was subjected to a strict vigilance so that she did not experience any relapse.

Interior psychiatric report favorable to Noelia de Mingo.

Interior psychiatric report favorable to Noelia de Mingo.


The truth is that, according to the forensics and those in charge of the center, from the minutes of mental derangement of Noelia in her work that morning of 2003 she never starred in any similar event again. They forced her to participate in the center’s own group activities. Always it was collaborative. Those who were close to her defined her as “friendly and polite.”

Over time, due to good behavior, his regime of freedoms increased. He started going to class. To go through the center just to sleep. When he returned at night, he would eat a quick dinner, lock himself in his room and describe himself for hours. He accumulated a large number of stories and intended to publish them.

On January 10, 2017, the nursing section of the Alicante Psychiatric Hospital sent a report to which EL ESPAÑOL had access, explaining point by point the independence that De Mingo had achieved for daily activities: only to the bathroom unattended, alone; she didn’t need help dressing, she controlled her bowelsHe ate on time and without anyone lending him a hand. His physical condition was good. He could lead, according to the report, a normal life. “She is polite and good-natured when interviewed. She has an appropriate and correct behavior with professionals and colleagues.”

And so, the Provincial Court, having received all the favorable reports from the Interior, made the decision to modify the regime for serving the sentence. Now he leaves two new victims along the way. The most serious is 46 years old and has a wound to the left hemithorax. She was stabilized by the Summa 112 health workers and transferred with a serious prognosis to the 12 de Octubre Hospital. The other, 53, has superficial cuts and was sent to a hospital with a moderate prognosis.


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