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Is anyone else tired of reading the sports sections analogies on the Oilers play-off run against LA? I certainly am.

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No, the Oilers didn’t assume they had the series clinched up. No, the Oilers didn’t intend on coming out flat-footed. No, the Oilers don’t try to take dumb penalties. No, Jay Woodcroft hasn’t changed his coaching style.

Yes, we would all love 60 minutes of smart plays, hard hits, spectacular moves and brilliant goaltending. Who wouldn’t? Do not sell LA short; they are a young, hungry and talented team.

Just remember one thing when cheering on our Oilers, you want to win the cup but every single Oiler wants to win it even more than we do. We believe you can achieve Stanley, now go and make it happen. Team, team, team! Here we go Oilers—here we go!

J. E. Sagan, Jasper

Singers, don’t mess with O Canada

I am glad that Thursday’s hockey game will be the last one in LA for this season. I do not appreciate the singer for the LA Kings trying to put her own spin on Ella on O Canada.

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It must be an American thing. This happens most of the time at NASCAR races, with the singers trying to impart their own interpretation of the US national anthem. While the singers can do what they want with the American national anthem, I wish they would not take liberties with O Canada.

National anthems are meant to be sung the way they were written (wording changes aside to make them gender neutral). Don’t mess with my O Canada. I mean, you never hear singers of national anthems for other countries putting their own spin on those anthems. Has anyone ever sung the national anthem of England other than the way it was written?

Please, please, please sing O Canada the way it is supposed to be sung.

Wendy Antoniuk, Edmonton

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No city funding for gondola project

Re. “City faces tough choices in upcoming budget talks,” May 10

Edmontonians are facing tax hikes. Let those hikes support services we already have and value.

Council is considering the budget. Regarding transport costs, remember that although private investors assure us they will assume the lion’s share of the cost of their proposed gondola across the river, we all know that projected costs rise. That means the city’s esser share will become ever larger.

There is dubious evidence that there will be sufficient ridership between downtown and Whyte Avenue to generate the dollars projected by the promoters. If funds are insufficient to adequately cover services like policing and snow removal, don’t even consider that for-profit (investors’ profit, not ours) gondola scheme.

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Rosemarie Cunningham, Edmonton

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