A tight duel that was lived last night in prime time. ‘Saturday Deluxe’ fell to 13.9% with the interview with Isabel Torres and the polygraph with Carmen Borrego, which gathered 1,332,000 viewers, leading its broadcast slot. The final assault of ‘La Voz’ also drops to 13.1% but remains one tenth away from leading its band broadcast. However, the program increased its number of viewers to 1,844,000.

La 1’s ‘Weekly Report’ maintains its good data by gathering 1,281,000 viewers and averaging 9%. Next, ‘The stranger in you ‘maintained the share but fell to 1,213,000 viewers. Four matched with ‘Jumanji: welcome to the jungle’, which scores 7.7% and gathers 986,000 spectators. ‘laSexta Noche’ is satisfied with 5% and 506,000 viewers.

The most watched of the day was once again ‘Antena 3 Noticias 1 Weekend’, that gathers 2,265,000 viewers, achieving 19.5%. It also takes the golden minute at 3:24 pm by gathering 2,442,000 viewers.

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At noon, ‘Socialité’ improves the data of the previous week and amounts to 15.7%, gathering 1,280,000 viewers. In the afternoon, ‘Viva la vida’ averaged 12.5% with 1,460,000 viewers. However, it was a fairly divided afternoon with the Antena 3’s ‘Multicine’, which obtained 14.1%, 11.4% and 10.4% respectively. Too ‘Neighborhood cinema’ stood up with 11.2% and 1,340,000 viewers.

In the daily average, Telecinco registered 12.5% ​​compared to 12.1% for Antena 3, followed very far by La 1 with 9.4%. Cuatro, with 5.8%, is above laSexta, which is satisfied with 5.2%. In the monthly calculation, Antena 3 maintains the leadership with 14.5%, but Telecinco stalks with 14.1%. La 1 remains at 9.4% and laSexta, with 6.3%, is well above Cuatro, which does not exceed 5.2%.

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