SAT Nuevo León estimates an increase in collection from its own income and from the federation of between 3 and 4%

Monterey, NL. If local taxes, water rights and taxes in general grow at 12% per year, in a normal growth of the GDP of 3 percentage points, collection would increase by 54% in nominal terms; that is, there would be a tax collection by Nuevo León of 1.6% with respect to Gross Domestic Product (GDP)indicated Félix Arratia, undersecretary of Tax Administration (SAT NL).

He assured that since October 2021 they have seen a sustained increase in collection, both in their own taxes, and in income coordinated with the federation. “The projected goal for this year, as a result of the activities that the agency is carrying out, is additional income of 1,800 million pesos, in a conservative scenario.”

In relative terms, compared to the total budget it would be an increase of 3 to 4%, in relation to the total, and in terms of own resources it would be an increase of between 20 and 25%, he commented in a conference before the Fiscal Commission of the Confederacy Employer of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) Nuevo Leónthis June 15.

“The foregoing occurs through various measures, an own collection effort (acts of surveillance and control), state revenues have grown 30% compared to the previous year, to which are added revenues from fiscal coordination with the federation,” he emphasized. .

environmental taxes

According to the budget and estimates, they have calculated a collection of 400 million pesos from four environmental taxes, of this figure, they have a collection of more than 20% more than what was budgeted.

The main collection of environmental taxes is from the tax on the extraction of stone materials (tax on quarries), it is the main component; what they expect for the second semester is to focus on the other three items: tax on air, water, and subsoil pollution.

Its purpose is sustainability, at the beginning of this year they gave an administrative facility, to companies that start investing from 2021, they recognize that investment to credit against the payment of the tax, and invite companies to invest in their production processes. so that they have a benefit for the environment, without the need to collect the tax.

He assured that for now new taxes are not contemplated, what they have considered is to focus, mainly the participations, they have shown a growth of between 22 and 24%, it is due to the new 2020 Population Census of the inegi, New Lion It is one of the entities that had the highest population growth, and the increase is due to its own collection effort.

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