SAT extends until September 30 deadline to comply with Carta Porte complement

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) revealed that it will extend the term for familiarization of the Carta Porte complement until September 30, instead of March 31.

“Due to a gradual process of incorporation by some users, the Tax Administration Service informs that the transition period to issue the Carta Porte complement without sanctions will extend until September 30, 2022,” the agency reported.

The organization, chaired by Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez, also announced that more than 57,000 taxpayers already issue their electronic invoices with the Carta Porte complement.

“All these companies now join the fight against unfair competition from those who are in the informal economy or resort to smuggling, causing economic losses and, on occasion, the closure of companies that comply with all their obligations and the correct payment of fees. their contributions”, pointed out the SAT.

According to Raquel Buenrostro, the complement to the Carta Porte is the commitment to reduce labor informality, over and above the Simplified Regime of Confidence.

The also known as Digital Tax Receipt by Internet (CFDI) of entry and transfer with Carta Porte complement, consists of the digitalization of the information related to goods and merchandise that circulate throughout the national territory, in any mode of transport.

Some companies that already issue the CFDI with a Carta Porte complement are Bimbo, Bachoco, DHL, Cemex, Estafeta, Palacio de Hierro and Liverpool, these cover various activities such as transfer of securities, messaging, point-of-sale distributors, cargo transport, etc. .

Ignorance: IMCP

The Mexican Institute of Public Accountants (IMCP) detected that there is still a lack of knowledge on the part of taxpayers in the implementation of the Carta Porte complement.

Ignorance, they pointed out, is reflected in all commercial and industrial branches and in a large percentage of the importing and exporting sector.

In addition, to be in order with the new tax provision, taxpayers must make an investment in equipment, systems, processes, training and personnel so as “not to limit the efficiency of the value chain,” Verónica Vázquez Bravo commented at a press conference. , vice president of the International Trade Commission of the IMCP.

The information required by the Carta Porte complement document is excessive and the taxpayer may run the risk of being accused of smuggling.

“It would be convenient that the use of the Carta Porte complement be to prove the transfer and transportation of goods or merchandise and not so much to prove the possession or legal possession of the goods,” said José Luis Gallegos Barraza, president of the IMCP fiscal commission.

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