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Not many people can say that it has been around to see more than 100 years of history.

However, Saskatoon resident Sophie Foster can say that she has seen 107. Born in 1914, Sophie celebrated her 107th birthday on October 29.

She says her life motto is what got her to this point.

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“Live simply, speak kindly, think deeply, love fully, be generous, and leave the rest to God,” said Foster.

The staff at the Preston Park II retirement home threw a party for her with decorations, cupcakes and tea while her friends gathered to celebrate with her.

Preston Park II CEO Chantel Pringle said Sophie is the oldest person in the home and continues to impress her.

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“She is always happy and positive and willing to help all the other Preston Park Two members and she is a joy,” Pringle said.

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Ron Whiteside, his friend of 35 years, said with a laugh: “It’s great. You know, how can you be so old? “

Sophie has been through two pandemics, many wars, including world wars, recessions, and eras over the last century, and more.

In his opinion, the 1970s were the best because there were more opportunities, the economy improved, and everyone seemed generally happier than in previous years.

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Teacher, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and loving wife of 60 years, Sophie shares her secret to living as long as she has.

“Be honest with yourself first and foremost. For young people, that is very, very important: start doing what they like to do. If you are not satisfied in your workplace, you will never be in any other place. “

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