Saskatchewan PM throws a point at Trudeau

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe released a statement Tuesday denouncing “the most unnecessary election in Canadian history.”

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“The Prime Minister spent $ 600 million in taxpayer money and five weeks [de leur vie] dividing the country even more in order to achieve a result almost similar to where we started, ”he said.

According to him, “this time and this money” could have been used to fight the pandemic and other “real problems facing Canadians”. He called for an increase in health transfers and the provision of vaccines in the poorest communities.

Justin Trudeau did not refrain from launching a few attacks against Scott Moe, leader of the Saskatchewan Party, of Conservative allegiance.

A few days before the poll, the Liberal leader had criticized by the gang the management of COVID-19 by Premier Moe as well as Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta.

“I feel bad, very bad for these people in Alberta and Saskatchewan who decided to do the right thing,” Trudeau said as cases of COVID-19 continued to increase in the province.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford also joined in, but took a more tempered approach.

“This election has been extremely difficult and divisive, and I would like to take this opportunity to appeal for unity,” Ford said on Tuesday.

He noted in particular that pandemic control policies and vaccination certificates as the source of these divisions.

The three premiers reiterated their demand for an increase in unconditional $ 28 billion in health transfers to the provinces starting this year, a demand that is supported by the Council of the Federation, which brings together all the provincial premiers.

Mr. Trudeau has pledged $ 25 billion over 5 years, with certain conditions.

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