Sask. town faces ‘substantial’ flooding after Friday thunderstorm

A concentrated rainstorm Friday evening left some areas in Rosthern flooded.

Alysa Peterson, a meteorologist with Environment Canada says the storm sat in one area.

Within an hour, there was 1.7 inches of rain and within an hour and a half there was about 2.5 inches in the area, she said.

“So when we get storms that sort of back build and develop and stay over one area for a period of time, you can get extremely localized flooding,” Peterson said.

Jessica Cyrenne who lives in Rosthern recalls the day being cloudy and raining on and off throughout the day. Ella’s husband’s brother told her that parts of the town were flooding so they decided to head to the area.

“We were shocked, we didn’t think it rained that much because from where we were in Rosthern it didn’t look like it rained that much at all,” Cyrenne said.

Cyrenne estimates three neighborhoods were impacted with “substantial flooding.”

She says Rosthern city workers were already fixing it and the flooding has since subsided on Saturday.

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