Sask. community welcomes ‘any and all support’ in search for missing boy

The search time looking for five-year-old Frank Young has now entered its eleventh day.

The search teams are accessing areas previously covered by snow, but there is still no sign of any physical evidence.

Community leaders, RCMP and search and rescue members gave an update Friday morning.

The spring temperatures that caused ice to break up and water levels to rise earlier this week has allowed teams to get into new areas to search for clues.

Chief Fabian of Red Earth Cree Nation says the community welcomes any and all support over the weekend as exhaustion sets in, but hope remains.

“Volunteer search crews are getting tired, and we welcome any outside resources as well,” said Chief Fabian Head. “We ask anybody, any volunteers who want to come to Red Earth, to contact our emergency response coordinator.”

Sgt. Richard Tonge with Carrot River RCMP says a blue jacket was found this week, but the family confirmed it did not belong to Frank.

“We’re in day 11 of this intensive search, and with each passing day, each passing hour, our concern continues to intensify.”

While the concern grows and volunteers are tired, nobody is giving up on Frank.

“Our resolve hasn’t changed, our commitment hasn’t changed, and our goal is to find Frank Young and bring him back to his family.”

“It’s overwhelming to see this much support for the community at this time that people would leave their jobs at the drop of a dime would come and assist, and this support is not going away.”

With no sign of frank in more than 11 days, the community continues to ask for prayers for the missing boy.

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