Sant Antoni and the crap that came with the superblock

Asked if he feared that that street, previously reserved for cars and now more destined to neighborly enjoyment, became epicenter of bottles and jaleo, the councilor of Sant Martí, David Escudé, said that the city council will not stop “in any case of transform the city” for fear of Collateral damage unwanted. He exhibited it on Wednesday in the new square won from the asphalt in Almogàvers with Zamora. In that act, as is often the case with everything that has to do with superblock philosophy, the example of Saint Anthony. There, in the Eixample that borders the old walled Barcelona, ​​the transformation of the market and the expulsion of the car, in addition to the new urban aspect, multiplied the citizen use of public space. And that, as expected, has generated more dirt, and that is why the area around the fish market is one of the points of the city where intervention is given as a priority in the crash plan aimed at cleaning up the city.

In the same way that streets with more traffic they are the most sinister accumulate (and hence we misuse the concept of ‘black point’), also those enclaves of the city more spirited are those that exhibit the most wear. That is why the maintenance of the public road must be adapted to the urban transformation that the consistory has in its hands, with the desire that by 2030 one out of every three streets in the plot Cerdà look similar to the one that will begin to be painted next year Council of One Hundred, where everything will be sidewalk, more trees will be planted and more benches and places to be installed. The city for the people, if it ends up happening, spone pass more time in the street as walkers, in the same way as opening new car lanes on an avenue or a highway is an invitation to drive. And if there is no major cultural change, that will collide with the incivism. Barcelona, ​​because that is how its citizens will decide, will be even dirtier.

“High occupancy”

A municipal spokesman maintains that the choice of Sant Antoni in this top 10 of points to be resolved in cleaning matters is explained by the “high occupancy and by the areas of stay“.” The presence of the market also increases the bulk of citizens who pass through here, and it is also an area with perimeter containers and residues may appear that require the presence of revision teams. “The brigades, in fact, have already begun to act in this sector of the city, where they have also careful in the flushing of elements of urban furniture.

In one of the banks rests Marcos, a retired man who lives a few blocks away but comes because he likes to “watch people go by.” He was widowed two years ago, spent a very crude confinement and going out gives life. “There may be more dirt, but if you stay here for a while, you will realize that garbage does not appear alone. The kids leave the breakfast plastic, people throw the cigarettes even to the flowerbeds, and look at the painted. What does it say there, why do they do that? ” signature of a graffiti artist (‘tag’, as they call it) on a lowered blind, but it is also common to see them on banks, at the entrances to parking lots or at the boxes of the electricity company. Perhaps it helps, or not, the figure of the cleaning informant of the city that yesterday began to unfold in the neighborhoods.

The trees more full of cigarette butts They are usually those that are next to a piece of equipment, a subway entrance, a bus stop, a theater or a cinema. Urban pots act as an ashtray for those who they drain the cigarette before entering a place where smoking is not allowed. Sant Antoni is no exception. This newspaper already counted in March more than 100 cigarettes consumed in a tree grate next to the market. And things have not improved much after seven months. The bin is not far, but the habit of throwing it to the ground is as internalized as that of leave the traffic light with the motorcycle when it’s not green yet. But fear not, the Councilor for Ecological Transition and Climate Emergency, Eloi BadiaHe said a couple of days ago that he is not planning to get tougher with sanctions related to incivility.

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A cleaning employee passing by the Parlament street believes that chase the offender It would not be such a bad idea: “Well, sometimes I think that fines is the only option. Too often they throw cigarette butts in front of our noses, and when you look at them they pout. But they still don’t dare to fine because it would take away votes.” He has been in the Sant Antoni area for several years and has noticed a substantial change with the superblock. Before, he explains, these were streets like any other, with the peculiarity of the market “that always complicates things.” “Now we have to make a cleaning much more in detail, because there is everything, smaller things. I don’t tell you anymore in places like that (points to a green area), with shit between the plants almost every day. ”

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