Sanitary protocols, key in recovery: Hyatt

After the new health turbulence caused by the Ómicron variant, the tourism sector in Mexico returns to the path of recovery with the beach ahead.

In this process, the Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen hotel estimates that by the end of the year it will have increased its average rate by 15%, compared to 2019, and occupancy will rise two percentage points to reach 62 percent.

In an interview, Marc André, Director of Sales and Marketing of one of the most relevant properties in the country for the Hyatt chain, considered that the factors that have helped, mainly, are: keeping the borders open, the implementation of sanitary protocols and offering better experiences for guests (among them: strengthening the internet service for the home office and accepting pets).

“Little by little things return to their rhythm. Mexico is a great destination for international travelers, which in our case represent close to 70%, basically from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany and France. Clearly, the lack of vacation options has helped. Also, the connectivity that the country has is very good and safe,” he added.

In an interview, the manager recalled that during December the expectations for this year were higher. Even reservations in the group and convention segment, which represents 30% of guests, had already exceeded all levels, because the desire for sun and beach destinations were the most attractive after confinement.

According to their systems, some 18,000 room nights had already been reserved for all of 2022, of which about 3,500 were canceled in January for the first semester. In other cases they had to be postponed and the pressure returned.

“It must be said that the individual traveler segment represents 70% of us and has remained strong, but it did complicate the year for us and already in March we are seeing that it picks up,” he added.

protocols that help

For Marc André, the decision of the federal government to create biosanitary protocols is a good tool that promotes the reactivation of tourism and that the part that travelers appreciate the most is its implementation.

In their case, they are GBAC certified (which is a qualified network of experts and partners that are prepared to respond to any event involving an infectious disease crisis) and also enjoy the values ​​of the Hyatt brand.

“If you put yourself in the shoes of an international tourist, you have to see what options there are to travel. You should also think about the destination that offers you good weather, good treatment, gastronomy and connectivity. The answer is the Mexican Caribbean,” he mentioned. Marc Andre.

An example of how attractive it is for foreigners, according to the hotel manager, is a German guest who has been in the property for about three months and from there he works willingly and from a distance.

Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen has 314 rooms, including 36 luxurious suites with furnished terraces and swing-up suites or mini-pools, “which give the sensation of floating on the ocean.”

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