Sandoval Íñiguez, sinner emeritus

On January 12 of the year that is heading towards its end, Facebook censored a video in which Monsignor Juan Sandoval Íñiguez spread scientifically false information. In an audiovisual piece of almost 10 minutes, the cardinal, Archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara, denounced that the Covid-19 pandemic was created with the intention of promoting a new world order with a single government, with a single army, with a single currency. , with a single economy and, also, with a single religion, which will not be Christian, ”he said. According to the monsignor’s complaint, among the main drivers of the pandemic is Bill Gates. (More than censoring him on Facebook, he deserved to be put on a cassock of strength.)

Days later, on February 3, don Juan entered intensive care, underwent heart surgery, and a pacemaker was installed. Unfortunately his brain was left intact. On May 31, less than a week before the elections of June 6, 2021, he sent a message for his flock to reflect and proceed properly in the elections because “in these elections many things are at stake, if those who are in the power, dictatorship comes, that is, freedom is lost, because it is a communist, socialist system that enslaves ”.

As there is never missing a break for an uncooked man, the cardinal’s wise words took effect at least in Tlaquepaque, a municipality where Don Juan lives with humility, as proclaimed by the teachings of Jesus Christ, in a manger with a pool. Residence that, digression aside, belongs to the Archbishopric of Guadalajara and that Sandoval Íñiguez, tricky, continues to use. On the other hand, the Morenoist candidate Alberto Maldonado, the only male candidate in the race for mayor of San Pedro Tlaquepaque, was not (is) properly a paragon of charisma. Total that at least in the municipality of “the birria next to the mariachi”, the monster eats children, the communism represented by Morena was defeated by Citlalli Amaya of the Citizen Movement.

But as Don Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, in the middle of the electoral ban, through social networks recommended not to vote for the party in power, ignoring, not only the ban, if not – I was going to write pretending insanity – but Don Juan did not pretend , He is like that; That is why it passed through one of the arches – choose which one – of Vallarta Avenue in La Perla de Occidente, the constitutional mandate that governs the separation of Church and State. The result was that in view of the flagrant violation of the legislation, the Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute of Jalisco declared the election void and ordered the Jalisco Congress to call for new elections which were held the day before Sunday. Apparently with a result similar to the previous one. That is to say, the population in Guadalajara of “smelly jarritos” will have a mayoress.

But the electoral annulment and postponement did not exempt the Archbishop Emeritus from guilt. Last Thursday, the specialized chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation gave a hearing to the Ministry of the Interior to impose the corresponding sanction on Sandoval Íñiguez for violating article 130 of the Constitution.

It seems that being on the razor’s edge of human and God’s laws is exciting for Don Juan Sandoval. I will go back to the time that he publicly acknowledged having known of at least a dozen Legionaries of Christ clergy who committed crimes of pedophilia which he failed to deliver to justice and “only granted ecclesiastical punishment.”

It was memorable and a symptom that the prelate’s bravado does not work well, the time he blamed women for being raped and femicides for going out with provocative clothes and sensual movements. Words that made Carlos Monsiváis (1938-2010) write “He only had to say: ‘If you don’t want anything to happen to you, leave without your body.”

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