Winnipeggers have been rallying together in a Transcona neighborhood to save some houses that started to flood – it is one of the many neighborhoods that are dealing with flooding in the city.

Christine Hanslit, who lives on Rizzuto Bay in Winnipeg, said she looked out her window Friday evening amid a downpour of rain.

“It was pretty much a lake on my yard and my neighbor’s yard and flowing like a river between both of our houses on Friday evening,” Hanslit told CTV News, adding they decided to do what they could on Saturday to save the two homes.

“A bunch of people gathered together and they went to Thomas Street, and they picked up a bunch of sandbags – like truckload after truckload.”

Among those who came to help sandbag was Transcona City Councilor Shawn Nason.

“We’ve received considerable amounts of rain like many areas in the city,” he said. “The water seems to be backed up with no place to go.”

Hanslit said while some water did get into her house, the damage is not bad.

“We were shop-vacuuming every 15 minutes basically, and mopping so I think we’re going to be okay interior wise,” she said.

Nason said city crews came by on Sunday to help with the homes on Rizzuto Bay.

“They’ve been stretched to the max to try to address all the flooding issues throughout the city, and just trying to get on top of it,” he said.


The city said crews are working around the clock to clear ditches, catch basins and culverts so water can drain more effectively.

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As of Sunday morning, the city said 311 has received nearly 900 storm-related service requests since Friday.


The City of Winnipeg said sandbags are available for residents as rain and snow continue to lead to flooding.

It said sandbags are available 24 hours a day to residents expecting overland flooding. Winnipeggers can pick up sandbags at the following locations.

  • 1220 Pacific Ave. (East approach)
  • 1090 Thomas Ave. (Entrance approach)
  • 1539 Waverley St. (Visitor parking lot, next to recycling bins)

The city said residents must bring an ID to prove they live in Winnipeg.

The city is also reminding homeowners of the rules when it comes to pumps. It said it is against the law to drain sump pump water into a basement floor drain or any other part of a house plumbing system.

“It can overtax the sewer system by placing their basement and those of their neighbors at risk of flooding and damage,” the city said in a news release.

More information about flooding can be found on-line.

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