Sanctioned a music bar in Figueres (Girona) that only charged men

The Urban Guard of Figueres (Girona) has sanctioned a music venue in Plaça del Sol of this locality for establishing the price of admission with a drink at ten euros only for men and allow free access to womenin what he interprets is discrimination based on sex.

The complaint to the premises filed last Saturday and the price difference based on gender was openly advertised on social media.

“When we don’t pay for the product, we become the product”

The mayor of Figueres, Agnes Lladoposted on his Twitter account: “When we don’t pay for the product, we become the product. We do not want to conceive of women as an object of claim, we are totally against these behaviors and we persecute them to put an end to the objectification of girls.”

In this sense, he continued: “We want to end all sexist discrimination so that no girl thinks that her body is the entrance to nowhere.”

Fine of up to 50,000 euros

The Urban Guard has denounced the premises for the decree of recreational activities and events for a matter of discrimination based on sexa very serious infraction that leads associated fines of between 15,000 and 50,000 euros.

“We women have to assert ourselves, the moment you do not pay for a product it is evident that the product ends up being you. It is clear that women and their bodies can never be a claim in any activity, be it recreational or whatever,” the mayor has maintained.

Agnès Lladó added: “What we must do to preserve women’s rightsbut also those of men and of society in general, is to make these attitudes, these advertisements or marketing disappear, because what they end up doing is objectifying the body of women and women are not just a body”.

“Girls should know that your body is respected and, therefore, we need the administrations to act in this sense and that is what we have done from the Figueres City Council”, pointed out Lladó.

The agents found the advertisements of the premises on social networks and the administrative police, which carry out controls periodically, have acted.

“What we must do is make these attitudes, which in other times were done and were not considered to be eradicated, remain completely eradicated in the 21st century“, concluded the mayor.

Venue Response

The management of the music venue has admitted the mistake, although he emphasizes that he ignored the regulationsand has apologized to those who have felt discriminated against or offended, as explained by the nightlife association Fecasarm.

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The organization had contacted those responsible for the to inform them that it is not possible to discriminate on the basis of sex, while they attributed the error to your commercial and social media department“thinking that it was something legal, since they had seen it in other places,” according to a Fecasarm spokesman.

the place too has removed the publication from the internet that announced free entry for women and its managers point out that they have neither wanted to take advantage of the female gender nor discriminate against the male, after harsh criticism from the mayor Agnès Lladó.

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