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Today there is much talk of the “expansion of the center” for which the PP of Pablo Casado. Even from his veiled offer to Pedro Sánchez this Wednesday in Congress: “Throw out your radical ministers and let’s build a new beginning for Spain“But four months ago political interests were about to make such strange bedmates as the PP and ERC, Ciudadanos and JxCat … just a last minute promise from Pedro Sánchez I avoid it.

A promise that the Government does not intend to fulfill. This newspaper has been able to confirm in official sources of the Executive that it is not going to convene the Conference of Presidents that should decide before March 9 if the current state of alarm continues until May 9.

“It is the PSOE, what do you want, it never fulfills anything”, lamented this Wednesday one of the leaders indepes who rebelled on October 28. In the same setting in which he explained that day the details of his negotiations with Teodoro Garcia Egea, popular number two.

It should not be forgotten that this appearance of the president in Congress in a monographic plenary session is product of a pact at the end of October in which Sánchez was forced to promise several things to his partners in the legislature so that they did not ally with the PP and tear down the six-month extension for his state of alarm.

PP with indepes

It was still October 28, 2020 and the PP was leading the rebellion against the long half-year of constitutional exceptionality, restrictions on commercial activity and limitation of mobility and freedom of assembly. In the courtyard of Congress, Laura Borràs announced the “very advanced” conversations of the independentistas of Junts with the popular of Casado. And that the principle of agreement to knock down the alarm decree included Esquerra, Más País and Compromís.

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JxCat sources confirm this information and add that it is “negotiating between all” with the objective of “file a joint amendment”.

Of course, the PP put as a condition that nobody spoke with Bildu, that they did not accept any agreement that included the heirs of Batasuna. And over there, through that loophole, Pablo Iglesias slipped in. In his undercover work with “the investiture bloc” which he was turning into a “legislative bloc”, since the Budgets were being negotiated at the same time, he managed to break the strange rebellion in which the PP was pulling a car of nationalists, independentists and radical leftists.

United We can spoke with the Basque independence activists, who have an agreed parliamentary action unit with ERC. And to both he offered: every month, the Minister of Health; every two months, the president; and four months later, a Conference of Autonomous Presidents decides whether the state of alarm is lifted or continues. And Sánchez achieved his pact, quelled the mutiny aboard his majority frankenstein.

In the control session that Wednesday, Sánchez had already come to offer down from six to four months the duration of the alarm “and that it is within the Interterritorial Health Council where it is decided whether or not to maintain it, on March 9”. And the final negotiation added the promise that that decision would be ratified at a Conference of Presidents.

Sánchez offers Casado to reduce the alarm to 4 months and that the CCAA decide if it is lifted

Only 12 days to that date. The convocation of the Conference of Presidents depends on the Ministry of Territorial Policy, today occupied by Miquel Iceta, who has not been seen since the week of his appointment. The regulations of the presidential forum, published on the website of the Ministry [consúltelo aquí en PDF], requires a call “with a minimum notice of twenty calendar days”, according to its article 4.1.

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And so, there is no time to do it to fulfill the president’s promise. Put in contact with the department, this newspaper has been able to confirm in official sources that the Government, indeed, has no intention of summoning the regional leaders.

“Scare the PSOE with something”

Already this Tuesday, at the press conference after the Council of Ministers, Maria Jesus Montero pointed in this direction ensuring that “The circumstances for an accelerated de-escalation do not exist”, because “the CCAA need the tools that the alarm decree allows them.” And therefore, “there is no reason to lift it.” Thus, Sánchez it will maintain the constitutional exceptionality without having consulted with the Conference of Presidents.

And as this newspaper has learned, without communicating the decision even to regional governments. At least, this is confirmed by a deputy from Esquerra, a party that currently holds the acting presidency of the Catalan Generalitat, and himself a regular negotiator with the Executive.

“No, Moncloa has not communicated a call or the reasons why it fails to fulfill its promise,” he explains to this parliamentarian. “We have to become stronger with Podemos and scare them with something“. For example, the Housing Law?” To begin with, we have already requested the appearance of Ábalos to explain why you skip your commitment to regulate rents… and without us, that law is not approved. “

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