Sánchez warns the partners: it is “common sense” to “respect” the letter of the labor reform

  • The president sets the social agents as an “example” and defends the agreement reached with them, which is “balanced” Y “transcends ideologies

  • Cool down the call for the dialogue table, praise the “exemplariness“of Felipe VI and see”highly unlikely“the renewal of the CGPJ

The Government is not willing to turn the labour reform, to undo the fabric with the social agents, no matter how much the members of the legislature protest. The president clings to an agreement reached with businessmen and unions, which confers “stability” and “confidence” to the country, and understands that it belongs to “common sense“that Congress validate it as is, that”respect“the consensus reached with them.

Pedro Sánchez reiterated this expression over and over again this Wednesday, the “common sense“, in his end-of-year balance sheet appearance. It was the idea that he wanted to make crystal clear to his parliamentary allies, the idea that was present in all the responses that revolved around the reform of the labor market that yesterday, Tuesday, approved the Council of Ministers and that has not yet been published in the State official newsletter. Nor was he lavish in messages in other matters. Regarding Catalonia, he cooled down the call for a next meeting of the dialogue table, since what is “urgent” is the fight against the pandemic. On the transparency of the House of the King, he again defended the “exemplary” of Felipe VI. Regarding the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary, he already sees it as “highly improbable” due to the attitude of “blocking“of the PP. All this in an appearance that lasted an hour – he attended only six question turns – and in which he took his chest out of the Executive’s action: they have been fulfilled, according to the report prepared by Moncloa, 50.2% of the 239 commitments contracted in the inauguration speech and the 44,4% of the 428 measurements included in the coalition agreement with United We Can.

The PNV wants the labor reform to pick up the priority of the regional agreements, while ERC and Bildu consider that the text is decaffeinated, has been heeled towards the employer and does not defend the workers enough. In one month, the royal decree law will be submitted to a vote in Congress for its endorsement or rejection. Sánchez, without mentioning his parliamentary partners, responded at all times that it is “common sense” that, “respecting the scope of competences” of the lower house, the legislative power “validate an agreement that had not been produced for more than ten years. “” It is more reasonable to approve a labor reform that has the support of social agents than one that does not have it, “he alleged, citing the Article 7 of the Constitution that recognizes the role of employers and union centrals in defending their own economic and social interests. It is not enough argument for ERC: from the top in Madrid they point out to this newspaper that they have not had contact with the Executive and that at the moment they are talking with other groups Y with the unions.

Sánchez does not rule out outright that the decree is not processed as a bill, but he does make it clear that if there are changes, they will be minor

When the journalists asked him if “a comma” will not be touched, as the businessmen claim, or if the decree will be processed as a bill, as the groups wish (this would allow amendments to be made to the articles), Sánchez stressed: “It is from common sense “that Congress” respects the agreement of the social agents. ” “That is the government and that we are going to ask the Cortes Generales, “he signed. That is, he did not rule out outright that there could be changes —the negotiation with the groups has not started and it would be foolhardy for him to make an exhaustive statement—, but he did make it clear that no he is willing to have the bulk of the agreement blurred.

The “empathy” of social agents

In short, the Executive has very little room for maneuver. The president did not launch specific messages to the right or left (Ciudadanos is less reticent, but their votes alone are not enough), because he interprets that it is the House as a whole that must give its approval to the “inclusive and with a vocation to endure “that his Government is weaving hand in hand with the social agents. Because the reform is “balanced“, “transcends ideologies“and should”represent all political formations“At that point, he was” convinced “that the initiative will be” shared by the majority of groups. “” A different question is what is in the no for the no, “he dispatched, implicitly alluding to the PP, which has anticipated his resounding rejection because it partially undoes the Mariano Rajoy legislation of 2012.

The president agrees again to bring the legislature to term and claims the political “stability” of his Executive as proof of the approval of the Budgets

Moreover, the chief executive, as he did the day before in Congress, put the accent on the 13 agreements reached with employers and unions. These have given, he said, a “formidable example“, both of” empathy “, because they have put themselves” in the shoes of their interlocutor “, and of” responsibility “and commitment to their country and to those they represent, responding to their” demands and uncertainty. “Sánchez them He put as an “example” for the political forces. His “good performance“, he argued, must be imitated by the parties: the search for agreements, the expression of discrepancy” based on respect for the adversary and good manners. ”

For Sánchez, dialogue and consensus are what have brought “confidence and stability” to Spain. Stability, he continued, which the country demands and needs after years “very convulsive“. That was when he claimed the” political stability “represented by his Executive, which is substantiated in the Budgets that yesterday saw the final green light in Congress, the seconds of his mandate (agreed with 15 political forces and approved” in time and form “), and in the vocation of returning to four-year legislatures.”I guarantee its compliance“, he affirmed, in another assertion that his intention is to reach 2023 and do not advance the generals.

The other subject that focused the president’s end-of-year appearance was the evolution of the pandemic. He congratulated the rate of vaccination in Spain and said that we are “better, more prepared and protected” against omicron. The Government supports, he said, all containment measures approved by the autonomous communities and expresses its “I respect“to what the experts recommend regarding the reduction of quarantines. He did not want to get more wet, although he did admit that the triangulation of three elements guides him, in combating this point of the pandemic: public health, mental health and economic growth.

The urgent and the important

The covid and the economy are the focus of the Executive’s action. That is why Sánchez made it very clear that he does not think for now to convene the dialogue table, as ERC demands for the first of the year. “We will tell when the table will meet. It will meet for sure, but it is common sense that let’s leave a few weeks to work on what matters to citizens, which is the sixth wave and consolidate the economic recovery in the country, “he said. Pere Aragonès calls for” tangible results “, although the president warned that what the two parties consider as such will not will match. “We defend overcome the process, stop having two separate blocks of Catalan society, the pandemic “, which shows that all administrations and citizens have to act” together “.

“Let’s leave a few weeks to work on what matters to citizens, which is the sixth wave, and consolidate the economic recovery in the country,” he says about the next table meeting.

The Executive, he added, does not renounce dialogue or progress for the sake of “harmony and coexistence” for a society “fractured” in recent years. But this is not the time: “The logical thing is that now the priorities of the Government and the Government are other, in the urgent, not in the important“.

Sánchez was reminded that just a year ago he got engaged with a “roadmap” of modernization of the Crown. Nothing has been known since. The Executive has it parked. “When they have news, it will be because that is how it occurs“, he pointed out, without giving any further clues. And then he praised Felipe VI:” Absolute recognition to the work that the Head of State is doing and the personal commitment of my party and my Government to the constitutional institutions. “The socialist leader appreciated the” exercise of transparency and exemplaryness “that the monarch has been carrying out since 2014. No He ruled on the king emeritus, nor did the question of whether he spoke about him on Tuesday in his telephone conversation with Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, crown prince of the United Arab Emirates, the country where the father of the head of state expatriated.

The start of the year will be traversed by elections in Castilla y León, and this will further complicate the renewal of the CGPJ. Sánchez did not consider it impossible but he did “highly unlikely“Due to the attitude of” blocking “of the PP.” You have to comply with the Constitution when you are in the Government and when you are in the opposition, “he insisted, implicitly alluding to Pablo Casado.

Sánchez admitted that three out of every ten electricity contracts with regulated tariffs they will pay “something else” than in 2018, but the remaining seven compensate for the rise in the price of energy, for which the commitment made in September is considered fulfilled. If no measures had been taken by the Government, the cost of the bill would be 696 euros on average, and will be, according to their calculations, 613 euros. That is, the average domestic consumer has not had to pay 84 euros, since that cost has been borne by the State, which has stopped collecting in these months 4.000 millions of euros.

The Executive presumes to have already fulfilled 42.7% of the 1,481 commitments contracted, and 50.2% of the measures promised at the investiture

The president wrapped his appearance with an air at times triumphant. In fact, the object was to present the ‘Complying’ report, with which the Government is accountable for its management every six months. Of the 1,481 commitments made, the 42,7% (It was 23.7% a year ago), and 54.4% is in the process. Of the 239 commitments included in his inauguration speech, 50.2% have already been undertaken, and the figure is expected to increase to 58.6% in the next revision of the document, in June. And of the 428 measures reflected in the coalition agreement with the purple ones, 44.4% are already deployed, and it will be 51.2% in six months, according to Executive numbers. “Despite all the complexities and despite all the inherent and logical difficulties of a fragmented Parliament, the government advances“He bragged. The pandemic, he added,”it has not been a brake“It has rather served as an” accelerator “for the Cabinet.

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In the Moncloa they were satisfied after the appearance of Sánchez. He had enforced, they argued, the fulfillment of commitments and “closeness” with citizens, in the pandemic or in a critical situation such as the emergency caused by the La Palma volcano. But there were no announcements or headlines. The president wants to sell data. Vaccination, economic recovery, activity of its Council of Ministers. Y “stability“despite the opposition seeing elections sooner than expected.


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