Sánchez scolds the PP for the bites of the masks: “Do not go back to the old ways”

  • The President of the Government accuses Feijóo of wanting to “weaken” the welfare state with his proposal to lower taxes

Pedro Sanchez He sees the risk that the PP slides down the corrupt slope again. At the first mention of him to the recent scandals in the main opposition party, just at the moment when Alberto Nunez Feijoo has taken the reins of the party after forcing the resignation of Paul Married, the Prime Minister has scolded the popular this Saturday. “To the right I ask don’t go back to the old ways. You have to be relentless against corruption & rdquor ;, Sánchez said during a PSOE act held in the center of Madrid. “Seeing what other PP governments are doing at other levels of the administration, luckily the PSOE is ruling in Spain & rdquor ;, he has insisted.

The shadow of the dirty laundry has returned to plan these days on the PP. There is a new sentence, the third, by ‘Gürtel’, with the ruling of the National High Court last Friday, which forces the Conservatives to pay 204,000 euros for using plot bribes for electoral acts. And there is, above all, a more recent case, recently uncovered, that affects the mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez Almeida.

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor filed a complaint last Wednesday against Luis Medina and Alberto Luceno, that in March 2020, while 300 people died daily from covid in Madrid, they charged a commission of almost six million for the sale of medical supplies to the city council of the capital for 15.8 million euros. With that money they bought 12 high-end cars (a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini…), Rolex watches, one yeit, a flat valued at one million euros and stays in luxury hotels. The contact that made this scandal possible, according to the public ministry, was Carlos Martinez-Almeida, cousin of the mayor, with whom he also has a close friendship.

The meeting in Moncloa

While all these data were known, Sánchez met last Thursday in Moncloa with Feijóo, during a meeting in which there was some Advance, when reconsidering the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary, blocked for three and a half years, but which also served to express his distance in economic policy, when demanding the new leader of the PP tax cuts as an essential condition to support the decree to deal with the consequences of the war in Ukraine.

A tax reduction of this type, Sánchez replied this Saturday, would imply “weaken the welfare state & rdquor; at a particularly delicate moment, with Spain beginning to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic and at the same time hit by the crisis caused by the Russian invasion.

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“Now that they talk a lot about tax cuts, and it turns out curious that they only talk about downgrades when they are in opposition, I mean what huge lesson The pandemic has given us the awareness that alone, however rich one may be, we are not capable of dealing with a virus that we do not even see. The only chance derives from walking all at once, from making a collective effort to strengthen health, science, education, pensions, dependency and the minimum vital income & rdquor ;, has indicated the head of the Executive, who has also paused briefly in the elections in France, whose first round is held this Sunday, with the extreme right Marine LePen vying for first place in the polls with the current president, Emmanuel Macron.

Sánchez has linked the leader of the National Front with vox, due to the ties that unite both parties, and also with Vladimir Putin, by the messages against the EU by both extreme right-wing forces. “The enemies of Europe they are not only in Moscow. They are in Paris, where there are elections tomorrow in France. And they are here, in Madrid. The question is Europe or the extreme right”, the President of the Government has concluded, taking advantage of this last reflection to make a new request to Feijóo, who tries to show off a more moderate profile than that of Casado. “Hopefully the Spanish right, with this change of leadership, look more at the European right and less at the European extreme right & rdquor ;, he told the leader of the PP.

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