Sánchez rectifies and announces that he will send weapons to Ukraine directly

  • The president solemnizes the turn in Congress so that the “commitment” of his Cabinet to the Ukrainian people is not questioned

Spain will finally also send weapons directly to Ukraine. I mean, bilaterally, just like most EU countries are doing. Aid for offensive material will not be channeled only through the European peace aid fund. The president of the Government rectifytherefore, with respect to the position maintained until now so that it is clear the “commitment“of your Executive with the Ukrainian people.

Pedro Sánchez solemnized that turn this Wednesday before Congress, in the extraordinary plenary session convened to report on the war in the east of the Old Continent, although in the last hours in his circle he had slipped that possibility and the head of Defense, Margarita Robles, in fact subtly opened that door in an interview on Tuesday night in ‘El objective’ (La Sexta).

The head of the Executive argued that he has always considered that Russia’s attack is not only on Kiev, but also on Europe, to its “principles and values”, and for this reason it has defended actions “coordinated at a European level”, and not a “summary” of initiatives from each country, against which the High Representative, Josep Borrell, warned. That is why the Executive supported the activation of the European Peace Support Fund (FEAP), endowed with 500 million, for the delivery of offensive and defensive weapons by the EU to Ukraine, a fund of which Spain is the fourth donor (40 millions).

“This has been my position and the position of the Government. And I think it is the adequate. I firmly believe it. To a European threat, we must give a European, coordinated and united response. This is what the high representative, Josep Borrell, asked of us, and to that call Spain responded instantly. But, as I see that there are groups that question the commitment of the Government of Spain, and for me and for the Government the unity of all is so important, so fundamental, I announce that Spain will hand over offensive military material to the Ukrainian resistanceSanchez justified.

There will be no sending of troops

On Monday, in an interview on TVE, the president categorically ruled out this route, and when asked if he was doing it to mitigate tensions with his partner United We Can, he made a long change. The questions were repeated yesterday in Moncloa after the Council of Ministers, and the same answer came: Spain would send weapons to Ukraine, but through the European mechanism. The purples, on the other hand, they had changed position gradually: on Monday, they rejected the activation of the European fund for the contribution of offensive material, but yesterday, Tuesday, they supported the president’s “cautious” line.

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This Wednesday, the turn was consummated by the Executive, in addition to the intensification of the Russian attack on its neighboring country. The announcement was welcomed with applause by the socialist caucus, not supported, significantly, by the United We Can. “The memory of the ‘no to war’ in Iraq [de 2003] today is Putin’s ‘no to war’‘”, he alleged, to try to overcome the resentments of a part of the left that has raised the anti-Atlantic flag again.

Sánchez defended the “unity of Europe and its member states” and also the unity of all groups in Congress in “the response to Putin’s brutal attack in Ukraine.” And he stressed, once again, that Spain “will not send troops to Ukraine“, because neither will NATO, which has agreed, instead, to reinforce the eastern flank to “ensure the defense of all allies” against Moscow.

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