For forty-eight hours, Pedro Sanchez, several of its ministers and, several members of Spanish politics, have agitated to extremes rarely seen public opinion on account of what this Wednesday was confirmed as a fake news. Not even the denial changed the plan that the Prime Minister had drawn up in response to a homophobic attack that was not such. Therefore, it maintains the meeting called for next Friday of the Commission to monitor the plan against hate crimes.

The meeting was agreed at the solemn table of the Council of Ministers, during its ordinary meeting on Tuesday. Less than twenty-four hours after first meeting the fake news of the hooded men, Sánchez decided, as the Government spokesperson later announced, Isabel rodriguez -in the subsequent press conference, which of course began with this question- this emergency call.

Nothing changed that the alleged aggression of eight hooded men in the early afternoon of last Sunday, in broad daylight, in a Portal of the Madrid neighborhood of MalasañaIt ended up being a false complaint from the alleged victim, a 20-year-old who ended up confessing in a police interrogation that everything was, in reality, a “consensual” relationship.

Without rigor in politics

The meeting, which is scheduled to be chaired by the same chief executive, remained in place late on Wednesday. Even longer, it took last August for the first government crisis cabinet to be convened after the fall of Kabul at the hands of the Taliban, a historical (and true) fact that forced the Spanish repligue in Afghanistan.

The news of impact that La Sexta advanced exposed several political actors. His lack of rigor when making resounding assertions about a case with the police investigation underway, as well as his stereotypes or generalizing fantasies with the foundation of a case that was not such.

From the accusation of Madrid of having become a homophobic city, an invective that even extended to the entire Spanish society, going through blaming the PP for being, supposedly, “whitewashing” the incitement to violence that Vox would do, as Podemos affirmed, to the very assertions of Santiago Abascal denouncing, on account of what he also described as “homophobic aggression”, how “the progressive consensus and its media lackeys” would be silencing “many of these cases so as not to speak of the origin of the aggressors.”

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Montero and Marlaska

Without a doubt, one of the quickest responses to the news was the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, who just two hours after the first information was published in El, with a still incipient investigation by the Police, stated on Twitter: “As a society we cannot tolerate that they kill you shouting ‘fag’ or that they put you in a portal to beat you up for your sexual orientation. “

Fernando Grande-Marlaska.


But neither was the Minister of the Interior, head of the Security Forces and an elite judge, who is therefore familiar with police investigations, about which he often asks for caution, was more rigorous than his Cabinet colleague.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska, in a nighttime interview on the same Tuesday at Hora 25, on Cadena SER, it didn’t take a minute to say that “we don’t give more data. What needs to be clear is that we have, as of today, the means of investigation necessary and precise for, evidently, to proceed to the identification “of the guilty, a condition of which, apart from the presumption of innocence, the head of the National Police did not doubt.

Asked in that interview by the journalist Aimar Bretos In case he granted “absolute credibility to the complaint”, Marlaska replied: “We are here to receive complaints, to protect the victims, to investigate the facts and to proceed with the identification and, where appropriate, arrest of the alleged perpetrators.” At no time did he propose, even as a hypothesis, that the events were not as reported in the complaint.

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By then, the finally false homophobic aggression of Malasaña, a neighborhood of the capital with a lot of LGTBI life, like the neighboring Chueca, was the topic of the week, the opening of radio and television news programs and, even, the object of brainy analysis of media figures from heart programs.

The non-aggression, in addition, had already motivated the call of several demonstrations. Among them is a march scheduled for Saturday in Puerta del Sol, the usual scene of large mobilizations, which is called by the LGTBI + collective in Madrid, COGAM, under the slogan “they are killing us.” All caused by a falsehood.

“The left goes to the abyss”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has pointed to the left after revealing the truth of the attack. “The left is going into the abyss,” asserted the president of the Community of Madrid, after recalling otTwo news cases that ended up being denied.

Neither groups of homophobes, nor terrorists sending bullets and knives, nor groups of experts“, has defended on Twitter linking information that tells how Jorge Javier Vázquez launched in ‘Save me’ a speech assuring that” freedom no longer exists “in Madrid.” For the first time I do not feel safe when it comes to going out according to what sites according to what hours, “he said.

In his tweet, Ayuso made reference to the bullets directed during the May 4 campaign at Pablo Iglesias and Fernando Grande-Marlaska, whose trace was lost by the police after three weeks of investigations. And, also, the existence of a group of experts to decide the de-escalation that the government itself ended up denying.

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