Sánchez does not back down after Malasaña’s hoax: “A false complaint does not prevent us from describing reality”

Thursdays are usually the off-peak days of the weeks. All the meetings to promote work projects have already been done, and there is little left to close business … it is not usually a day of social events. And perhaps that is why, due to the little competition before the cameras, the new strategy of to teach to the president of the Moncloa team who tries to show it as the Pedro Sánchez “of just recovery”He has been walking it through the provinces for four weeks: the burned mountains of Ávila, a home for the elderly in Navalmoral de la Mata (Cáceres), a vaccination center in Guadalajara and now a VET Center in Gijón.

Of course, no uncomfortable questions. Nothing current that questions the urgent call for this Friday of a commission against hate crimes motivated by an alarming act that turned out to be false. To whom, by the way, he has dedicated the first words of the appearance. Not to apologize, but to assert yourself.

“It is true that the complaint from the Malasaña neighborhood was false,” he acknowledged. “But a false report cannot prevent you from describing what is true. The reality that people of different sexual orientations suffer for being who they are. This Government is committed to continuing to put measures on the table against the increase in hate crimes that we have suffered in recent years. “

Nothing to give explanations about the possible dismissal or resignation of his Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska. And, even less, risk any issue falling about the Diada and the negotiating table.

Because next week the tour will touch Barcelona, ​​surely. And it can no longer be one more visit within the campaign that dusts Sánchez’s shoes in “economic recovery for all.” The “territorial debate” can no longer be diverted so that this phrase stops meaning “separatist challenge” and goes on to apply to the “demographic challenge.” No.

They await the president in the Catalan capital because it is necessary to “resume the dialogue” with the pro-independence movement at the table that has been without dust for a year and a half. Since February 2020, when it existed Chem Roast and not the pandemic. There another awaits you president, Pere Aragonès: “I do not contemplate that the president of Spain does not come,” he said this Wednesday in Valencia.

But in the meantime, and in the week that the Council of Ministers approved the FP Law, Sánchez visited the Integrated FP La Laboral Center in Gijón. The act coincides – not by chance, of course – not only with the referral to the Cortes of the legislative text, but with the opening of the school and academic year in Asturias.

The president has taken the opportunity to show his chest for a Vocational Training law that ends with adjectives (it will simply be dual) and for the number of certificates of professional experience issued since his arrival in Moncloa: half a million. In contrast, it has stood out, with the 3,000 of the previous decade. Also for the expansion of 120,000 VET places and for the investment that will accompany the new legislative document, which will reach 5,500 million euros, of which 1,200 million will come from European funds.

Next, Sánchez has put the finishing touch to his statement without questions with an ode to the initiative and the possibilities that it opens up to youth: “When we talk about education and VET, we talk about opportunities. Of social elevator. Of young people who develop all their abilities. Free and autonomous young people, with the ability to understand the world they live in, create companies and work in the profession they want to aspire to. To speak of VET is to speak of the future. “

During his visit, he was accompanied by the Ministers of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegria; that of Industry, Reyes Maroto; the president of the Principality of Asturias, Adrián Barbón; and the mayor of Gijón, Ana González (both socialists).

Before introducing himself, one more Thursday, surrounded by smiles and orphaned by questions, the president made a visit to the Industry 4.0, Digitization, Wood and Furniture workshops of La Laboral and a meeting with representatives of the educational community of the Principality. The visit will end with an institutional statement to the media.

Later, Pedro Sánchez had planned travel to the DuPont factory, a chemical company dedicated to the manufacture of fire retardant fiber that employs almost 600 people, half of whom are graduates in VET, within the electrical, mechanical and chemical branches.


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