Sánchez defends a more balanced collective bargaining

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, he advocated on Monday for a labor reform agreed with the social agents that, among other issues, allow a “more balanced” collective bargaining between employers and unions. In full controversy between the vice presidents Nadia Calviño and Yolanda Díaz for the control of social dialogue for the labor reform and after having endorsed the tasks of the first of them to coordinate the work, President Sánchez affirmed this Monday that “the Government, the entire Government, is committed to addressing the modernization of the labor legislation “and pointed out three goals ahead. One, “remove the precariousness laboral. “Two,” boost the competitiveness of the economy. “And three,” restore the balance in negotiation between employers and workers “.

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This was explained by the president at the closing ceremony of the seminar ‘Monitoring the recovery: beyond GDP’, in the presence of Vice President Nadia Calviño and at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Economy.

The possible modification of the collective bargaining rules emanating from the labor reform of the PP, in 2012, constitutes the most controversial nucleus of the negotiation now open with the social agents. However, Sánchez’s words do not serve to clear his inclination in favor of the theses of one or another vice president, due to their ambiguity. Yolanda Diaz defends that in the new collective bargaining the sectoral agreement prevails, so that a company agreement can never worsen the salary conditions agreed in the first one. For its part, Calvin It is not in favor of breaking the current prevalence of the company agreement, although it does speak in public of achieving “a balanced and fair framework for collective bargaining and regulation of subcontractors.” In the words of the president, there is room for both one criterion and the other; What Sánchez did emphasize is that “the entire Government” shares a common commitment, thus trying to blur the image of internal division of the Executive offered in recent days on account of the labor reform. This message of unity Sánchez comes to correct the one launched this Monday by the second vice president and head of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, who has denounced that a part of the Government wants to maintain the “status quo” of the PP labor reform.


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