Sánchez announces 660 million until 2024 for more than 64,000 early childhood education places

  • “We need to share the fruits of this growth. We are a government that complies, no matter how much they say “, underlines the president

  • He anticipates that Benidorm will host the Intelligent Destination Platform and guarantees Puig the necessary resources before the financing model arrives

The vindication of social democracy is an absolute constant in Pedro Sánchez’s speeches in recent weeks. With the pandemic already on track, he contrasts the progressive recipes that have been validated with the pandemic with the neoliberals that forced themselves out of the great depression of 2008. But without a doubt the congressional stage that the PSOE continues to go through, after the last month’s federal conclave in Valencia. Every weekend there are appointments in at least two federations. In this, in Madrid and in the Valencian Community. This Saturday the president opened the congress in the first and closed this Sunday that of the second, next to the re-elected leader of the PSPV, Ximo Puig. But in addition to reproducing the narrative that he has been unfolding in these weeks, the chief executive reserved a ad. Of government.

The Council of Ministers on Tuesday, he said, will approve allocating 660 million euros in the next three years, until 2024, to open more than 64,000 early childhood education places in the period from zero to three years. It is the example, he stressed, of the “fair recovery“which the Coalition Executive recommends, because” growing means distributing. “” And in order to grow, we need to distribute the fruits of this growth. We are a government that complies, no matter how much they say, “he presumed.

The president also announced – in fact, he had announced it before in a meeting with representatives of the sector, and together with the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto – that Benidorm will be the headquarters of the Intelligent Destination Platform, a new technological tool foreseen in the recovery plan to accelerate the digitization and interconnection of the tourism sector through data management. Will lead an investment of 130 million euros. The location in Alicante (the venue chosen by the PSPV de Puig for its 14th Congress) is part of the process of decentralization that the Government is carrying out to consolidate “poles of innovation and attraction of talent throughout the territory,” according to a later note released by Moncloa. The Government wants the newly created organizations to leave Madrid, in order to advance in the social and territorial cohesion of Spain.

The Government “will be in the task of approving, negotiating and agreeing on a new autonomous financing system,” says Sánchez

Third announcement, and very important for Puig: the Government “will be in the task of approving, negotiating and agreeing on a new regional financing system“. The president assured that” until that agreement is reached, of course “that the Valencian Community” will have the means to guarantee the social and territorial cohesion of its citizens. “This is how he satisfied one of the main demands of the most relevant socialist baron in the party. And he is aware that the design of the new model will take time to see the light, according to the calculations of Tax authorities.

“Equality and uniqueness”

Puig, for his part, celebrated that the discussion on the renewal of the system is already “underway” —the Minister María Jesús Montero has promised to present the concept of adjusted population this month and already met a week ago with the regional presidents Socialists in Ferraz—, and added that he aspires to see this change “crystallize into a new system that guarantees the equality of Spaniards and the uniqueness of territories to be all equal before the welfare state.” He also highlighted the need to “shield the right to water forever “, since” it cannot be a reason for war. “

Sánchez and Puig praise each other: the first praises the “lucidity” of the second, and the head of the PSPV emphasizes the condition of “open president” of the socialist leader

Sánchez complimented Puig at the closing of the conclave. He was one of the territorial leaders who supported Susana Díaz in the 2017 primaries, but when she lost, he was getting closer to the general secretary, and their relationship has been gaining trust over the years. The ‘president’ is, in fact, one of its main supporters and one of those who best embody his project. In addition, his internal adversary, José Luis Ábalos, former Minister of Transport and former Secretary of Organization, has already been out of the power circuits since the ministerial remodeling in July.

Sánchez acknowledged this Sunday in Benidorm that in the midst of the pandemic, in those difficult conferences of weekly presidents, “many things were said, very hard things, because there was a shortage and a lot of uncertainty about the future of our compatriots.” “But in those tough and difficult debates, it always emerged the lucidity of a political representative like Ximo, that interposed the general interest, of the compatriots, to any particular interest “, he thanked.

Puig, in turn, had praised Sánchez before: he has made Spain “look forward with hope.” “It is not the same as a president cast at kilometer zero as a president open that appreciates the Spain of the Spains, “added the head of the Valencian Socialists. The PSOE continues to celebrate internal unity, which it projected with its congress in Valencia in October and which continues to be displayed in the regional conclaves. A snapshot that this Sunday was especially valuable after stamp that they starred on Saturday, precisely in Valencia, the resident leader in the Government, Yolanda Díaz, together with the vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, and the head of the opposition in the Madrid Assembly, Mónica García (Más Madrid). They talked about the other way of doing politics by women.

The president reproaches the popular for not recognizing the “collective success” of immunization, that today “they keep quiet while before they shouted”

Sánchez, at the closing of this Sunday, and accompanied by two ministers of his Executive (Reyes Maroto, of Industry, and Diana Morant, of Science), returned to the optimistic speech of the last weeks. He insisted that the Spanish economy “grows and will grow even more vigorous as the vaccination progresses. “And he reproached the popular people for not recognizing the” collective success “of immunization, that today” they are silent while before they shouted. “” In moments of truth they always fail. Not to the Government, but to Spanish society, “he complained.

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The president also expressed his commitment to mental health, to which his Government will allocate 100 million euros until 2024, which like oral health “should be part of the universal health care“.” Mental pain is not a personal suffering, it is not an individual’s problem, it is a social suffering that requires a social response. This Government is committed to ending this silence and committing itself to actions and also financial resources, “he stressed.

New executive of the PSPV endorsed with 91.45% and with four related to Ábalos

Ximo Puig managed to move forward with his third executive without problems and with a very broad support. The 471 delegates of the PSPV-PSOE of this 14th Congress endorsed, with 91.45% of the votes (plus 8.08% white and 0.46% null), the leadership proposed by its secretary general and ‘president’. The address consists of 63 members (the previous one had 74), and of them, 34 women and 29 men. Puig also wanted the weight of the municipalism with the entry of several mayors and the generational change.

Support for the ‘president’ was manifested in the rest of the governing bodies voted: the national committee, the highest echelon of power, reaped the yes of the 91.16% of the delegates; the list to the federal committee of the PSOE, the endorsement of 89.15%, and the ethics commission, of 91.14%. Puig finally integrated four members related to José Luis Ábalos in the direction: Rafa García, mayor of Burjassot and second vice-president of the Valencian Provincial Council (he occupies the portfolio of Coordination with the Provincial Councils); the ex-councilor Maite Girau (Social services); the mayor in Valencia Elisa Valía (Circular Economy), and the former delegate of the Government in the Community and coordinator of Cercanías, Juan Carlos Fulgencio (Security and Civil Protection).

The federal committee enters Mercedes knight, still provincial secretary of Valencia, a position for which the councilor of Mislata will probably run, Carlos Fernandez Bielsa, also vice president of the Provincial Council. His departure from the direction of Puig points to what his next jump will be. Related to Ábalos is Toni González, mayor of Almussafes, who also enters the federal committee.

The new executive of the PSPV is chaired by the ‘Minister’ of Health, Ana Barcelo, which is considered a prize for his management in the Consell. The deputy secretary general continues the spokesman in the Corts, Manolo Mata, personal friend of the ‘president’. In the incoming dome, the figure of the Secretary of Organization is reinforced, José Muñoz Lladró. The new Deputy Secretary General and Equality is very close to him, Ana Domínguez, current president of the Consell Valencià de Joventut, and also the head of Electoral Strategy and Action, Tània Baños, councilor of La Vall d’Uixó. The mayor of Gandia is also close to Muñoz, Jose Manuel Prieto (Culture and Language Policy).

It comes out strengthened too Sandra Gomez, Deputy Mayor of Valencia and President of this 14th Congress of the PSPV. From his municipal team he enters Borja Sanjuan (Studies and Programs), in addition to Pilar Bernabé (Sports) and the aforementioned Elisa Valía. Puig also incorporates two Sanchista leaders who left the federal executive in October, Susana ros (Secretary against Gender Violence) and Andrés Perelló (Mediterranean Alliances).


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