Sánchez again urges the emeritus king to “give explanations” and assures that the Zarzuela has not consulted him

  • The Swiss Prosecutor’s Office has shelved inquiries into a multi-million dollar donation from Saudi Arabia

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has been ratified this Thursday that King Juan Carlos must give explanations to the citizens despite the fact that the Geneva Prosecutor’s Office archived the investigation on a donation $ 100 million by Saudi Arabia.

“Of course I think so. I think King Juan Carlos has to give explanations,” he responded in his appearance before journalists at the end of the Brussels European Council when asked if he maintained that opinion after the decision of that Swiss prosecutor’s office.

The chief executive has also denied that Zarzuela has contacted him to ask him about a hypothetical return to Spain of the former head of state. He added that they are two different institutions that have “excellent collaboration and cooperation.” “But the government has not been consulted on this issue,” he insisted.

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In this way, Sánchez insists on the idea that he already launched in October, when in an interview in La Sexta he stressed that he has to give explanations to the public.


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