Samuel García makes official Municipal Coordination Table in NL

Monterrey, NL. The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda, together with mayors of the metropolitan area and the periphery, made the installation of the Municipal Coordination Table that focuses on three fundamental axes: urban development and mobility; security; and environment and climate emergency.

In the Government Palace, the Neolonese president signed the agreement that he said is the beginning of the new Nuevo León and that together with this will that our state is shaped today will see great results.

“Today a great first step is taken but it was urgent to take it, today I am sure that all the mayors gathered here have the firm conviction that being the second most populated city in Mexico requires not only will but surgery and legal reengineering and even grasp Issues that do not concern us as municipalities and as a state but do affect our people. “

“There are assets of experience that are not available in other cities of energy, humanism, technical specialty, urban development, finance, environment and together, if we add that energy, experience and technicality, there is no one to stop us, we are going to be a national benchmark as we are in many things ”.

A second step is to seize the moment and go through the metropolitan coordination chapter from the Constitution of the state of Nuevo León.

“There is a breeding ground, there is unity, there is encouragement from the Congress, the Judiciary, the Executive, and the mayors, perhaps there will be no other moment like this, let’s take advantage and go through the metropolitan city, let’s leave the foundations for the future for the following 20 or 30 years, ”he said.

A third step, added the governor, will be mobility and the environment, an area in which the government pointed out and the municipalities will set the example.

“There will no longer be excuses, we are going to align the refinery, we are going to align the industry, we are going to put a belt on the quarries that are very expensive to pollute, we are going to renew public transport and we are going to put the verification tunnels to that the verification in the government is to vest ”, he referred.

He argued that no government car, or a municipal or state fleet can contaminate Nuevo León, we must set an example for citizens that public transport, fleets, patrols are going to be verified and they are going to be tuned to tell the citizen now yes there are no excuses.

The Technical Secretary of the Metropolitan Collaboration, José Antonio Torre expressed for his part that the agreement consolidates the commitment to work together to address the challenges and opportunities of the metropolitan area.

“Today the governor, the mayor and the mayors take on the challenge of turning shared problems into innovative and effective solutions through the sum of knowledge, talents and will,” he said.

The agreement was signed by the mayors of Monterrey, Luis Donaldo Colosio; de García, Carlos Guevara; of Escobedo, Andrés Mijes; from Santa Catarina, Jesús Nava; from Apodaca, César Garza; from Fisheries, Patricio Lozano Ramos; from Guadalupe, Cristina Díaz; de Cadereyta, Cosme Leal; of San Nicolás de los Garza, Daniel Carrillo; from Juárez, Héctor Treviño, and from Salinas Victoria, Raúl Cantú de la Garza.

Also, from San Pedro Garza García, Miguel Treviño; from Santiago, David de la Peña; and Humberto Medina, from El Carmen.

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