Samuel García inaugurates expansion of the Periférico, in the Benito Juárez-El Castillo highway section

Monterrey, NL. The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda, inaugurated this Friday the expansion of the Periférico in the Benito Juárez-El Castillo highway section, which will allow the transport of cargo to be released, so that it can be sent to enter Monterrey through the National Highway.

Accompanied by authorities from the three levels of government, and local and federal legislators, García Sepúlveda gave the starting signal to the road infrastructure that is a trigger for economic growth.

“Today the message is to go together, to work together to achieve this type of project; The election is over, we must turn around politics, colors and if we are all part of the problem of traffic, pollution and security, everyone including the people, they are part of the solution ”, said the governor .

“Today I invite you to think big and for the future, this is the beginning, for now with this project we will be able to remove the load, that it no longer enters Monterrey and that surrounds Juárez, Pesquería, Salinas Victoria, García , outside the city ”.

He added that cargo will be connected to the Reynosa Highway, Laredo and soon the Monterrey-Colombia highway to reach Texas without leaving the state. “

The president instructed the director of the State Highway Network (REA), Mauricio Zavala Martínez, to initiate the tender for the Juárez-Montemorelos stage.

“The day, in a few years, that our Highway 57, the one that comes from Mexico, enters Nuevo León through Galeana, reaches Montemorelos, connects with the Periférico, surrounds the entire city of Monterrey and we have the Highway to Colombia, they will see the new, Nuevo León that is coming ”, he anticipated.

He assured that there is no time to wait, that the inauguration was this Friday, October 22, and the tender for the new section begins today, and that the talks with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation are today.

“Because today together we are all going to set an example for Mexico… here they are not going to divide us, nor are we going to fight, neither right-left, nor fifís, all together let’s send a message to Mexico that Nuevo León is the best state of the Republic ”, he specified.

The Peripheral expansion will serve as a link between the center of the country and the main northern borders, facilitating and speeding up the safe movement of people, goods and products.

The infrastructure will allow for more efficient communication in order to create more jobs and increase productivity.

The head of the REA explained that 45 kilometers of highway are scheduled in the third stage of the Periférico, starting in the municipality of Juárez and ending in Montemorelos.

“Of those 45 kilometers we have already built 28 and today the governor puts 15 kilometers from Juárez to El Castillo into operation,” Zavala Martínez explained.

He said that the objective of this road is to free the cargo traffic that enters the National Highway estimated at more than 3,500 vehicles per day.

“Pollution is reduced, man-hours are made more efficient, and traffic is reduced. It is a priority that the governor has to make travel times shorter, that people spend more time at home and not at home. traffic lining up in vehicles or trucks, “he said.

The governor was accompanied at the event by the local PRI deputy, Ivonne Álvarez García, president of the state Congress; Hernán Villarreal Rodríguez, Secretary of Mobility and Urban Planning; and Mauricio Zavala Martínez, director of the Nuevo León State Highway Network, among other state and municipal officials.

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