Samuel García creates a special group to search for missing women

Monterey, NL. After signing an urgent and extraordinary decree for the search for missing women in the state, the governor Samuel Garcia Sepulveda announced the creation of a special support group for the search for disappeared women and attention to femicides, which will be available to citizens and the State Attorney General’s Office.

The president assured that he will coordinate all efforts to immediately address the cases of missing women, using the full force of the state, giving priority and zero tolerance to violence against women. He assured that 10 of the young women reported as missing have already been located.

We are going to increase the search group (BUPE) with more than 200 elements giving it the power to act immediately without barriers and without excuses in cases of missing persons”, he referred.

“Let no barrier stop us from going to rescue women already arrest violators. We are going to apply the full weight of the law without fear, to send a strong message that if they mess with a woman, they mess with all of Nuevo León,” argued Samuel García.

In context, this Sunday, April 10, there was a protest by groups of women and relatives of more than 18 young people who have disappeared in the last month.

In particular, there was anger among the population because in the case of Maria Fernanda Contreras Ruiz27, who disappeared on April 3, presumably his family gave his last location to the State Attorney General’s Office a day later, and it was until April 7 that they searched the home and found the young woman lifeless.

In addition, Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazaldua 18 years old, disappeared since last April 8, when she was last seen on the highway to Nuevo Laredo. This Sunday night the governor and his wife Mariana RodriguezThey accompanied the family to look for the young woman.

The governor was emphatic: “we are going to go head-on and with the full weight of the law to find those who are responsible for the events, we will not hesitate to act with force and determination against those who want to harm Nuevo León, its people, to his family and his wives”, he pointed out.

It will also create Interinstitutional Task Force Groupmade up of the dependencies that make up the Good Governance Cabinet: General Secretariat of Government, Secretariat of Citizen Participation and the Secretary of State Security.

As well as the Cabinet of Equality for All People, specifically the Women’s Secretariat to attend immediately to the cases of missing women and coordinate with the municipal police, the State Prosecutor’s Office; the Local Commission for the Search of Persons and the State Executive Commission for Attention to Victims.

Actions to follow

  1. Issuance and dissemination of search bulletins with the authorization of the family of the disappeared person.
  2. Generalized alert in all security and Civil Protection corporations, in coordination with federal and municipal authorities.
  3. Implementation of the approved immediate search protocol.
  4. Participation of the state programs of Informatel and Locatel.
  5. The Ministry of Health, public and private hospitals, as well as the University Hospital and SEMEFO must provide information when requested about people in said centers immediately; and a review of detention centers across the state.

The decree also includes the acceleration of the project of the Comprehensive Control Center, Command, Communication and State Computing (C5), to install a platform that coordinates, directs and channels all cases immediately via 911.

He explained that you have to connect to the C5 with the C4 municipal, with private cameras to keep the city under surveillance, “it is a pity that yesterday when we went with Debanhi’s family to the place where the events are presumed, we do not have cameras to obtain data that would have helped the investigation” .

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