Samuel García analyzes implementing a zero-based budget in the areas that is possible

Monterrey, NL. The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia Sepúlveda, is analyzing together with the Secretary of Finance and General Treasury of the state, Carlos Garza Ibarra, the possibility of implementing a zero-based budget, in areas where possible, with the aim of optimizing expenses and improving finances, he commented during the presentation of the cabinet that makes up the Effective Government bloc.

“This is the area that I am most passionate about and interested in. Every day we meet for several hours and we are seeing in detail the budget that is zero-based as far as possible, we are reorienting all the items, looking for strong savings, there will be an austerity project and we are creating a budget with new Secretariats and, as we promised, the cost of the government on the payroll will be even cheaper, ”said the state president.

It is worth mentioning that the zero-based budget consists of revaluing each of the programs and expenses, always starting from zero, creating expectations about the following year, without references to previous years.

“I have known Carlos (Garza) for a long time, he is an excellent profile, I know that together we are going to show that finances can be handled efficiently, innovatively, creatively, and that although the current scenario is very dark due to Covid -19, due to the federal issue and the budget, I am sure that together we will have the capacity to find resources to carry out all the projects that we promised in the campaign, ”said the state president.

The actions

On the other hand, Carlos Garza Ibarra, secretary of Finance and general treasurer of the state, indicated that among the main actions of the agency will be to achieve a financial surplus, since the state has had a financial deficit for more than 10 years, and it is understandable Due to the fact that, more and more, the federative entities have to cover more responsibilities than previously resolved by the federation.

Therefore, the objective is to achieve a financial surplus to have sufficient resources to carry out all the programs as part of the new Nuevo León, he stressed.

The second point is to guarantee investment for development, “for decades Nuevo León has struggled with budget efficiency that allows it to have a moderately efficient operating expense, where there has been financial neglect from the state and the lack of federal resources contribution. for important projects ”.

The Treasury will seek to consolidate projects that were committed years ago, so that they are ready in the next budgets.

Another challenge will be to consolidate Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects. Nuevo León has the right conditions, public services, the economic capacity of the private sector, which is competitive, and the financial system that is “eager to collaborate with the government”, to consolidate this type of project, assured Garza Ibarra.

He regretted that there is a history of failed projects or that the objective was not met, therefore the challenge is to demonstrate that well-done PPP projects, financially, legally and technically, give citizens a more optimal service.

A fairer Fiscal Coordination will also be promoted, the state government will continue to make proposals, with mechanisms and alternatives that promote Nuevo León to obtain more resources in the Fiscal Coordination system.

This year there were elections, and the Ministry of Finance had the responsibility of funding those resources, to organizations that have total autonomy, “it is a great challenge, because there are reforms in organizations and powers that will put pressure on more budgetary resources and operation must be guaranteed. of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers and autonomous bodies ”, Garza Ibarra emphasized.

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