Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE Could Be Completely Canceled, South Korean Post Says Daily.

According to the report, the launch of the device in mid-October was canceled and Samsung is “reviewing the launch of the smartphone.”

The report claims that the current global chipset shortage is the reason behind the cancellation of the phone, which is often rumored. Further away, Daily says the big sales of the Z Flip 3 are one of the reasons Samsung is considering this decision. The Z Flip 3 is selling too well and production can’t keep up with the flood of orders.

While the report indicates that the S21 FE could have been canceled, some leakers do not believe that is actually the case.

Noticeable leak Max weinbach believes that the Galaxy S21 FE will still be released at some point. With the rumored February launch of the S22 series fast approaching, we probably won’t have long to wait to learn more about the true fate of the S21 FE.

Source: Daily Via: Android Authority

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