Salvation Army’s Soap for Hope program offers those in need vital personal care

The Salvation Army Windsor Center of Hope is launching a program called Soap for Hope to provide community showers for those who are without a home.

In addition to dealing with trauma, mental and physical health issues, a lack of daily nutrition and shelter — maintaining good personal hygiene is a daunting challenge. The program will offer access to shower facilities, new toiletries and clean clothing for those in the community who seek this service.

Starting May 2 between 9:30am and 11:00am at 355 Church Street in downtown Windsor, members of the community 16 years of age and older will have access on a first-come-first-serve basis.

For Major Danny Pinksen, executive director of the Salvation Army Windsor Center of Hope, it is an opportunity to provide the type of care and dignity that is often not available to the homeless in the community.

“And so for us, this service, I believe will be a means for providing dignity but also promoting better health, better hygiene, better mental and emotional health as well, because when you…when you get out of the shower, you just feel good about yourself,” said Pinksen.

“And so, this is what we want to do for those people within the downtown core who fall through the cracks for some reason or another,” he adds.

As always, donations of new underwear, hygiene products, clothing and monetary gifts are welcomed.

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