The Benidorm Fest 2022 is hosting an important reunion in the world of our country television. It has a distinct chain, ‘Sálvame’ has been very present at the TVE certification and has been following the Rigoberta candidacy campaign, showing folders in those who like to vote for the artist.

In various moments of the late had a man appear with a speech of teta mientras portaba a cartel with the rostro of the interpretation of ‘Ay mamá’, that night will pass until the end of the next Saturday 29th of January.

Previously, in the ‘Lemon Tea’, María Patiño no ha dudado en mandar su apoyo a Tanxugueiras. “I would like to congratulate my father”, said the presenter, who stated that he would consecrate “a good position” with his song “Terra” in the semi-final of the year: “Pasan a la finale del sábado, bravo por ellas”.

A distinct opinion has been shown by Terelu Campos. Maria Teresa’s hija prefers Spain’s Eurovision representative Rigoberta Bandini to share many Algerian options with the Turin ticket: . It’s an allegiance to feminism that rewinds the mothers and the children“. Además, has recorded that will be the soundtrack of the special proximity of Rocío Carrasco: ‘Montealto: regresso a la casa’.

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“Eres tú contra toda la maquinaria de La Fábrica de la Tele”, le ha dicho Terelu a su kompañera, que no piensa cambiar su voto: “La Fábrica apuesta por Rigoberta y yo por Tanxugueiras, que son de mi tierra natal”.

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