• The leader of the PSC confirms the municipal socialist leader as a candidate for mayor in next year’s elections

There have been rumors for months about a possible last-minute change in the socialist candidacy for Barcelona City Council. These comments, perhaps inspired by the profitable operation that the PSC carried out just a month before the last regional elections -the replacement of Miquel Iceta by Salvador Illa as head of the cartel-, suggest that the party’s municipal leader, Jaume Collboni , could be relieved by some other socialist leader, or by someone without militancy but With enough renown to beat Ada Colau and CKD.

Well, Illa himself came out against these rumors on Tuesday. It was blunt, almost solemn: “My candidate for mayor is Jaume Collboni”. He said it in an act at the Círculo Ecuestre, and many of the main leaders of the PSC listened to him: Collboni himself, Alícia Romero, Núria Marín… Also sitting next to the PSC candidate was the Government delegate, Maria Eugenia Gay.

In addition to her, among the names to which the rumors refer are that of Iceta -who now acts as Minister of Culture and Sports, and holds the position of president of the PSC- and that of Illa himself, who also took the opportunity to rule out. The leader of Catalan socialism, elevated by the elections and confirmed in the extraordinary congress that made him first secretary, assured that he will try again to be ‘president’, and not mayor of Barcelona.

“I think things can be done not a little better, but much better. I have an ambition, and I think we could do it well, for when there are elections: to compete once again for the presidency of the Generalitat,” said Illa.

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To try to settle the debate, he added: “I have been very clear. My candidate for mayor is Jaume Collboni. Our party has operating mechanisms, and in the end it will be the organization as a whole that decides, but I have clearly stated.”

Nor did he skimp on praise for Collboni, whom he called “companion and friend”and the one who said that “it can make the potential of the capital of Catalonia manifest in all its magnitude”: “Barcelona can do it better”.

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