• Some users find a notice that the document has expired, even though it does not have an expiration date

The Ministry of Health has admitted this Monday errors in downloading the covid-19 passport. Although it is a document that does not expire, some users are finding, when displaying it in the spaces where it is required (bars, restaurants, gyms, residences and nightlife) with which a notice appears that is expired.

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Thus, the Secretary of Public Health, Carmen Cabezas, has recognized that, on some occasions, it is causing problems for some people. However, according to Salut, these situations are minority. “They have gotten off in Catalunya more than 14 million certificates and, in most cases, they do not cause problems, but in some cases they do, “said Cabezas.

For this reason, the Secretary of Public Health recommends the user re-download it in case you have had any previous problems. The covid certificate does not expire in Catalonia, so if this notice appears it is because the download has failed.


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