Salmerón and Ordaz, affecting the image of Mexico

Panamá and Spain could convert to Mexico’s poor image in the world.

Sir Stratford Canning did not translate the British envoy into Russia for a simple error: his name was executed and published officially only days before he was informed to Russia. El tsar Nicolás I rehusó a otorgarle el beneplácito y la relación entre los dos pais se desgastó. During the third year, the vacancy rate becomes vacant. Esto ocurrió en 1832.

Panama has revealed that it was writing its post in Mexico regarding President López Obrador’s statement that Pedro Salmerón would be summoned as ambassador. This is what Minister Erika Mouynes said last March.

In full-fledged democracies, only those who intend to convert into embezzlers are involved in criminal activities or serious violations of human rights, which are due to negligence.

In 1984, the United States rejected the nomination of Nora Astorga as Nicaragua’s ambassador to Washington, which was signed by a general of Nicaragua. Astorga signaled that a failed sequestration attempt had been made.

The statement by Minister Mouynes will mean that Panama will not be able to replace Salmerón. And this is because the profile of Salmerón is against a fundamental principle of the exterior politics of the current government of Panama: feminism. It goes without saying that the corresponding explanations are given.

Asi the letter to William Schaufele, proposed as Ambassador of the United States of Greece in 1979. During the confirmation hearing before the Senate External Relations Committee had controversial statements about the dispute between Greece and Turkey over the Aegean Sea. Grecia le retiró el beneplácito.

Spain does not tend to concede the appointment of Quirino Ordaz, only on the basis of the acts of corruption of the political prize, also by the systematic aggression of President López Obrador hacia España. No economic proposals are needed to conclude that the Mexican president has won a prize as an element of discrimination in Spain. The President shall not send to a valid member of the Mexican Exterior Service, he shall send a member that does not form part of the party in power, without a party that loses the regional elections this year.

The ethnocentric vision of Mexican presidents has impeded to understand the day that the cause is the country that represents it. Lo peza Peña Nieto to send to Fidel Herrera at the Consulate of Barcelona. Now President López Obrador is talking to Isabel Arvide at the Embassy of Istanbul, and he intends to send it to Salmerón and Ordaz.

Among the legacy that President López Obrador will be distancing himself from is exterior politics.


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