Salazar reiterates that there are arrests for those who enter without papers

Mexico City. After his visit along the border between Mexico and the United States, the United States Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, acknowledged that the Border Patrol faces several challenges to maintain a secure border, in addition to that migrants encounter various dangers.

“This week I witnessed first-hand the enormity of the challenges facing the Border Patrol and the dangers that migrants encounter,” the diplomat said in a statement released by the US embassy.

After passing through Matamoros and Brownsville, through the Border Patrol’s Donna checkpoint near McAllen, he toured the waters of the Rio Bravo, the International Bridge for World Trade in the Laredos area, and Del Río and Ciudad Acuña, Ken Salazar reiterated to migrants that the shared border is closed for all outlaw crossings.

“Everyone should understand that the United States-Mexico border is closed for illegal crossings. People who try to enter the United States outside the law will be detained. The United States and Mexico have committed to return these migrants to their countries of origin ”, he added.

He also recalled that both countries work together to investigate and proceed legally against human trafficking organizations, since several migrants are victims of deception.

“The United States and Mexico are working together to investigate and proceed legally against human trafficking organizations. Coyotes are criminals and must be stopped and brought to justice. They victimize migrants by taking them along dangerous roads to the border ”.

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